Shaping the Future | Ecosystem 2030

Shaping the Future with Ecosystem 2030! The international Ecosytem 2030 summit brought together leading leaders from different countries of the world on 4 and 5 May in A Coruña, Spain, to analyze the innovations expected to take place in the near future, the design challenges of innovations and their impact on society.

Shaping the Future, Ecosystem 2030

At the summit, which attracted great media attention in the Galicia region of Spain, not only the developments expected to be experienced in areas such as technology, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, robotics, but also many vital issues such as finance, agriculture, energy, transformation, aviation and human life cycle were evaluated with the managers of world giant companies.

While Ecosytem was held in Houston, Texas, USA with the support of NASA before 2030, this year it was hosted by A Coruña, with speakers from about 20 different countries from companies such as Google, Meta, Microsoft, Toshiba, Intel, IBM, Oracle, Bosch, Philips, Pepsico, Airbus, Spotify, Ikea, etc.

Reactive to proactive Approach

With conferences that offer innovative approaches and investment areas in different fields, states aim to raise the level of effectiveness so that it becomes indispensable in the international congress calendar. At the summit, where the emphasis on sustainability was repeated with importance, it was aimed to reinforce the steps taken in the future as a “global innovation focus worldwide” with representations from different countries.

At the Ecosystem summit, where a society transitioning from “reactive to proactive” was advocated, many important issues that will form the architecture of the future such as flying cars, manned drones, cyber security threats, ecological variables, blockchain asset assessments that will be encountered in the next decade were discussed.

Davos of innovation and technology. Shaping the Future

At the summit, which was attended by the king of Spain as the guest of honor and where the speakers also included state administrators, the Middle East Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, the former president of Finland and the prime minister of Slovakia emphasized that there will be important names in the field of technology at the summit this year and stated that the future will be built with technology.

“We are becoming a magnetic pole of attraction in the world for a few days to see first-hand future developments,” the Spanish government said, expressing hope that A Coruña will be the “Davos of innovation and technology,” adding that “we are excited about the technological transformation that will lead to economic transformation in society,” sharing their excitement about preparing the world for the near future.

The Future of Privacy. Shaping the Future

Three powerful women leaders will be at the Ecosytem 2030 summit also took their places among the speakers. While Onur Korucu was the speaker in two panels on the shining values of the future such as “The Future of Cyber Security” and “The Future of Privacy” within the framework of cyber security and data protection, Ümran Beba and Ayşegül İldeniz shared the added value of different cultures and approaches to innovation in the “How Diversity Affects Innovation” panel.

Ways to move the world to a more sustainable future with value-added approaches in every field where the future is shaped are being put under the spotlight with an awareness spreading in our country and in the world and are being given more importance with the support of governments.

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