Robots in the Future | Our biggest competitor

Robots in the Future will be Our biggest competitor! In our increasingly digitalized world, can we foresee the problem that could be the biggest threat to man in the future?

The rapidly developing use of artificial intelligence, the spread of digitalization to every point of our lives, technological innovations in the field of automation, the development of technological wheels in the financial field, de-instrumentation, the internet of things, wearable technology and many other digital transformations bring a new competitor to the human hierarchy in the world of the future; Robots.

Robots in the Future is Our biggest competitor?

It must be acknowledged that many of these developments are innovations that facilitate the process of finding solutions or workload in daily life, business and social life. But aren’t these transformations, which make our job easier today, a candidate to be our nightmare in the near future for Human? In addition to our competitors in daily life, business and social life, robots are winking at being our strongest competitors. In order to have this foresight, it will be enough to take a close look at the technological agenda.

For example, an experiment in China found that artificial intelligence beats a human pilot in 90 seconds in an airborne “dogfight” race. Based on this, researchers made statements such as “The era of air war, in which artificial intelligence will be king, is on the horizon.” Or if we can give an example from a more daily life; According to a study by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University of Ochanomizu, within 10 years, 39 percent of household chores will be done by AI robots.

AI beats Human!

In fact, according to this research, the area that will be most affected by automation is grocery shopping. As a more extreme example; We can show that a company called Clone has the goal of producing the world’s first biomimetic Andorids that enable people to do their daily work. This company also shared an exact copy of the human hand, which is part of the Androids they call Clone Robotics.

These rapid developments in artificial intelligence technology are reshaping the functioning in all areas of life. In addition, these transformations bring about the question of whether robots can replace humans in daily life, business life and social life. As many researchers say, this is unlikely to happen until 2030. However, as the world of the future takes shape, the increasing de-instrumentation may enable this foreseen situation to be experienced even earlier.

Technological transformations

Of course, some different opinions should not be ignored. As argued by another section, transformations in technology can lead to a human-robot compatible employment model so it means robot workers. As it is said, robots can take part in more demanding and life-threatening jobs, while humans can be employed in more creative and thoughtful jobs. However, even in such a model, we can predict and believe that robots can replace humans and workers. As a result, the building blocks of the world of the future have already in begun to take shape with the new technological transformations we have taken at this time.

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