Pray at home and Train at home! The best way to be happy at home!

Pray at home

Pray at home and Train at home! The best way to be happy at home | It seems that we all need a good train and pray at home ! We have to sweat to our heart, we must cry to our soul!

How suddenly human being became powerless and needed all kinds of blessings? How suddenly high society people, riches, famous snobs, big bosses became nothing?

Those who had breakfast in Paris and then chops in New York became a prison in a luxurious room. What hole did bully bullies slink off and run?

Pray to GOD
Pray to GOD!

Pray at home! Who has the sovereignty of heavens?

What a beautiful prayer they are trying to hold onto with life, poor people,  kindhearted people, oppressed, exploited, persecuted, children, babies, parents.

But don’t worry child, the heavens are yours by Allah’s leave.

Things that we don’t like, curl up, get bored seem so beautiful these days.I am talking about these days, it means days with Corona virus disease which is transmitted like a slime.

Pray at home! Hey ungrateful person!

It’s called the virus. This is the malady of the deviants who try to break the ears of the cows, eat bat soup and change the creation of God.

They left the food that God made clean and got sick.

Need praying!
Need praying!

All we need praying!

So what was the sin of good, good-hearted and beautiful people living thousands of kilometers away from these perverts? For some, the things that are malady, curse, and disaster are perhaps mercy, blessings, and blessings for some, my Lord knows best.

Just like our old man companion said, justice is achieved with things we do not know.

Are we clean?

Those slant-eyed Chinese perverts are guilty also are our two-faced, dishonest, insincere people too clean? If we were truly sincere, piloting, honest, fair and sharing believers, would God stop circumambulation in Kaaba and prevent prayer in mosques?

It is necessary to open hands and think deeply with good patience and sincere prayer.

Pray at home!
Pray at home!

What would we do without our prayer?

Yes, we need sincere prayer directed towards God.Here you see, the whole world has been frozen helpless and in need due to a disease that cannot be seen even with the eyes. The world will not even rotate in its orbit.

Superpowers who did not bow even to Virus programs that surround computers, surrendered above Korona.

Without Pray!

This time, we have the biggest, the most beautiful worship, and this is our pray and soul training at home. Yes, praying is one of the most important worship. God’s word “What would you do without prayer?” Isn’t it because of this?

How everything started

Spirit training,

Prayer is the soul’s training. Just as sports exercise and strengthen the heart with difficult conditions. And prayer strengthens faith and protects our souls against crises, disasters and disasters. It gives morale, hope, health and wellness.

In these days when we need all kinds of blessings. Let us turn to our Lord and wish peace, well-being and true happiness.

We are prayer

We are prayer!

Sincery spirit training and pray at home,

l hope God enlighten the writer and the reader. And also complete his light and his blessing on us. Then facilitate the easy one, expand our breasts, and direct us to his straight path. We can not wish without God’s leave. So we wish it already, May He wish what is good for us, God willing!

Semih Bulgur

l am a knowledge worker who works hard to make you informed about original knowledges from international sources!

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