How everything is started?

How everything is started | What happened first, what were we? First, we were a slime in the Creator’s hands. An indistinct, gelish, semi-liquid, semi-solid mud, fertilized egg and then a fetus. And then God blew out that mud from his soul. How everything is started? And so it all started with doodle.

How everything is started?What is the bing bang comes from God?


What was our Earth and the Universe? Earth and sky was a merged point like a combined spinning mud ball. Then Earth and sky separated from each other, expanded and still ongoing expanding. Somebody call this ‘Big Bang’.

Everything was a sketch in the beginning, everything starts with scribbles.

Sketching before creating!
Sketching before creating!

How everything is started? What we were and what we have been!

A scribble, a sketch is made before every magnificent painting, a work of art that will live for centuries.

Those untidy lines that do not look like anything turn into a realistic portrait as if they would come out of the canvas, a tiger that looked as if it was alive, and a fireplace as if it would burn your hand.

How everthing started?

First Doodle,

That’s why we said everything starts with scribbles. Nothing becomes spontaneously without reason, unless God dont want!Everything has a preliminary drawing, a sketch, a reason, a scribble. Look at nature, nothing is in vain and without reason.

The best painter is a nature!

In nature, energy is not wasted in vain, nothing is wasted, nature flows with an incredible balance.There is always a reason for the fall of the leaves of the trees, the depth of the movements of the animals that we think are meaningless.

It is only human beings who act unnecessarily for nonsense reason and think in vain and speak idle!

Think of a statue, while it is a frivolous mud slime, how it turns into chicks like marble, soldiers like bullets, giant hearts.

Birth of scribble!
Birth of scribble!
Scribble life time!
Scribble life time!
Death of scribble!
Death of scribble!

l have also Doodles,

My life has changed and improved with a smear on the corner of a newspaper in a pensive, tired and pale moment.Then I plunged from the hot sands to the ice-cold waters, I became a writer, painter and traveller with a pain and a sweetheart.

Sketching of inspection report!

Doodles are born, live and die. Every piece of art is actually born death!

How everything is started?
How everything is started?

Here is something like this,

Here is some sketches of Scribbles started with how everything is started. Everythings in the life is to understand the meaning of life. Maybe now we know just how universe occured.

How everything starts? So everything started with doodle and we are still sketching.

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