Oscar Wilde Quotes

Oscar Wilde!

Oscar Wilde Quotes | In fact, his most striking side is that he was in prison for being gay. Why the West who nowdays accept this heresy as a freedom put him in jail? Lets talk to Oscar Wilde but just before know him also read Oscar Wilde quotes.

Oscar Finga O’Flahertie Wills Wilde (October 16, 1854, Dublin – November 30, 1900, Paris). Irish theater writer, novelist, short storyteller and poet. With needle style, he was among the most successful and famous writers of late Victoria Britain. As a result of a lawsuit, he suffered a major decline when she was found guilty of inversion and immorality, and died in a poor hotel room in Paris in complete contrast with her environment.Ok now lets talk to Oscar Wilde.

Oscar Wilde thinking deeply!
Oscar Wilde thinking deeply!

What are Oscar Wilde quotes?


  • Maybe you think you lost, maybe you survived. Remember, somebody makes here happy when he came, somebody when he left.
  • The man marries because he is tired, because the woman is curious. In the end, they are both disappointed.
  • People search past for a woman, for man future!
  • Why do you complain about the immorality of our age? Be ethical, your reputation will rise…!
  • If a woman truly loves a man, all men in the world in her eyes; it definitely loses its meaning.
  • Less Intimacy is Dangerous, Very Intimacy, Very Dangerous!
  • Even if you are the strongest and most durable person in the world, you will always lose against the one you love.
  • If bad things are covering the whole world, they will reveal themselves again.
Different writer and people!
Different writer and people!

Oscar Wilde Quotes! What would smart people do without fools!


  • The world has been established by fools, for the smart people to enjoy.
  • Wherever there is authority, there is a man who resists authority.
  • Knowing will be the end of everything. What is attractive is not knowing. Fog adds a wonderful beauty to everything.
  • Women love us for our flaws. If there is enough, they can forgive anything, even our intelligence.

A very humble genius,

Voltaire quotes!

  • I reflected my genius on my life and my talent on my works
  • Nothing is worth doing, other than what the world says cannot be done.
  • Keep your reproductive organ so clean that it does not lose its function when the day comes.

Oscar Portrait!
Oscar Portrait!
  • The best way to do children well is to make them happy.
  • No gentleman had any money.
  • Nature imitates art.
  • Men and women do not complement each other, they are enemies.
  • Esthetics: It is the investigation of the secret of life.

Who say I have not changed have changed!


  • I never change! Why is that? Didn’t life teach you anything?
  • The dreamer is the person who finds his way in the moonlight. His punişment is to see dawn before anyone else.
Oscar Wilde Qutoes!
Oscar Wilde Qutoes!
  • Art is to fight against machines and monotony.
  • Long-lasting beautiful suicide is artist life. If you try to draw a little line, you will have difficulty.
  • The organs that help us reproduce are so ugly that if the face beauty and love were not present, the continuation of the human generation would be in danger.
  • Social democracy is the people’s being forced by the people for the people.

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