Voltaire Quotes

Voltaire talks!

Voltaire Quotes | François Marie Arouet (Birth 21 November 1694 – Died 30 May 1778), He is known Voltaire, French writer and philosopher. He contributed greatly to the French revolution and the Enlightenment movement.What Voltaire said? Here is Voltaire Quotes!

Voltaire Talks!
Voltaire Talks!

Besides his freedom of religion and expression, he was famous for his thoughts and philosophical writings on human rights. In his works, he satirized the Church dogmas and French institutions of his period. It is recognized as one of the most influential names of the time.

Voltaire Quotes ! Master of writers and thinker…

What did Voltaire say;

  • All people, except the savages, are under the rule of the books.
  • If you can’t beat your anger with your mind, don’t say you are a human!
  • Every person is guilty of all the good things he doesn’t do.

Voltaire Portrait!
Voltaire Portrait!
  • Ambition resembles the wind that inflates a boat’s sail; too much sinks the ship, the other holds the ship where it is.
  • I hate your ideas. But I am ready to sacrifice my life so that you can defend them.

Voltaire Quotes ! Know yourself!

  • Dominating his own ego, he can rule the world.
  • The biggest misfortune of smart people is that idiots have to deal with the abominable stubs.

  • Fear crime gives rise to crime and punishment.
  • Separation increases unsatisfied love.
  • Humility is the diet of pride.

Marquez Quotes!

Too much book, too much ignorance!

  • We are so ignorant because there are so many books around.
  • We will leave this world stupidly and badly as we find it when we were born.
  • Man bows to intelligence, but kneels down to compassion.
Voltaire Quotes!
Voltaire Quotes!
  • The assembled heap, which is still known as the Holy Roman Empire and still continues to be remembered, is neither sacred nor Roman nor empire.
  • Everything in this World Torments Me, Even Things That Don’t.

Who is the best!

  • The best is the enemy of the good.
  • First of all, should be human; then the doctor.

Understanding each other!

  • What is Tolerance? Tolerance is part of humanity. We all have mistakes and shortcomings; Let’s mutually forgive each other’s mistakes and deficiencies, because tolerance is the first law of nature.

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