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Jean Christophe Grange Qoutes | What did the French journalist, writer, thinker, handsome, smart, handsome and a little big headed Jean Christophe Grange say? Lets talk to Jean Christophe Grange and read Grange Quotes!

  • To understand me listen to my silence more than I say. Because I am hidden when I keep quiet more than what I say.
  • I took off the masks of happiness that I exhibited under false smiles. No offense. It wasn’t for me to look like I wasn’t.

Grange Talks!
Grange Talks!

Grange Quotes, The balance of Life,

  • If you have a balance problem in your life, look carefully around you; you probably put someone in the wrong place.
  • Don’t try to make me happy, be happy with me.
  • Make a point after the who left you. Let the name of the future come with a capital letter.

  • No matter how smart people are, they are stupid enough to be fooled by a word of the person they love.

    What Jean Christophe Grange said?

    Lets talk to Jean Christophe Grange;

  • Do not hurt your loved ones… Because one day; You may not even find her to hurt.
  • Don’t be embarrassed by your mistakes. They are the stamp you made in this world.
  • When you feel as worthless as the point, turn and look back; maybe you are at the end of an important sentence.

  • Delaying tomorrow to be happy is like waiting for the river to stop to cross, and you know, that river never stops.
  • When you heard “Trust me” in any ambient. There is only one person you need to trust. He is yourself.

Unblanced Women!

  • The woman loves as if she will never go; but whet the time comes and she goes as if she didn’t love yo at all.
  • I think we steal from the material when we dream, because it is constantly collapsing!
  • Let him get away as much as he wishes. In fact, he is always in a place where he dreams.
  • Do not look after the who is leaving; Otherwise, you cannot see who is coming.
  • No matter how much you change … Wherever you are happy first, you always turn your head there.
French poet
French poet

Inside you.

  • If you find someone very close to yourself, give him some time. In fact, it will definitely show you how far you are.

Albert Einstein Talks!

  • After every choice you make, something falls into it. Nobody knows, nobody understands; but no matter what you do, it always remains inside you.
  • You should have some peace and suffering enough to make you strong. It will seem strange to you but; You must be too stone-hearted to not be fooled by people.
Grange Qoutes!
Grange Qoutes!
In your Palm from Jean Christophe Grange,
  • If the wound is in the palm of your hand, it belongs to you! You will squeeze your palm, it hurts. But nobody knows why it hurts.
  • Learn to enjoy what you have. Because if you spare your time for the pain that you don’t have, you will be the only one who suffers!

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