Albert Einstein Quotes!

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein Quotes | It is said that half of the words of theoretical physicists are lie and other half of are bragging. Oh, sir! When we go up to the speed of light and travel through space and return to Earth, there will be a twist in time, and we will go to the future. Nobody has experienced this and nobody returned back! So actually theoretical physics is something like belief. We can’t hold it like a substance, but believe it and we’re nothing without it. Of course, it is my joke about Albert Einstein. Let’s read the Albert Einstein Quotes!

Mad Genius!
Mad Genius and his hair!

Yes sometime theoretical physicists do science and fiction but their dreams and theories create technology and science of today. Anyway leave the science and fiction in the cinema and now find the way and lets talk to Albert Einstein!

After understanding theoretical physicists, Albert Einstein Quotes!

Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879 – April 18, 1955), German theoretical physicist of Jewish origin.

Albert Einstein Quotes! What Albert Einstein said?

  • If you want to be happy, connect to a purpose; not to people or things!
  • World is not a dangerous place because of the people who do evil things, it is because of the audience who do nothing.

Einstein is teaching!
Einstein is teaching!
  • One is to think that nothing is a miracle, the other is to think that everything is a miracle.
  • Unless one pushes the limits of the mind, cannot reach anything.

Albert Einstein Quotes! What is the intelligence?

  • Intelligence of a person cannot be understood from the answers, can be understood by his questions!
  • Not if you are appreciated, if you are being imitated, you have succeeded.
  • Do not mind those who say you are bad. There were those who said to me you are idiot. And I Smashed the Atom and gave it to their Hands.

Talk to Einstein!
Talk to Einstein!
  • A person who does not take the truth seriously in small matters cannot be trusted in large ones.

What did the dreamer Albert Einstein say?

  • Isn’t it better if a person dies for what he believes in like peace, than suffering for something he does not believe, like war.
  • It is not the skeletal and muscular system that keeps people alive, but their principles and beliefs.
Funny Einstein
Funny Einstein
  • Each war adds a link to the chain of evil that hinders human progress.
  • Imagination is more significant than knowledge.
  • He is the most perfect person who does not repeat an error twice.

Insane can drive himself crazy but stupids?

  • Madness is undoubtedly better than stupidity, Madness is the destruction of an existing intelligence. Stupidity is the absence of a non-existent intelligence.
  • Not that I am very clever, I just focus more on the problems.
  • To be genius has an absolute limit, stupidity never.
  • As long as one child is unhappy in the world, there are no great inventions and advances.
  • 1 in 10 of genius is talent, 9 in 10 is work hard!
  • I found the atom to serve humanity. They made bombs and destroyed each other.

Albert Camus Quotes

Albert Einstein Quotes!
Albert Einstein Quotes!

Shoemaker Albert Einstein, Lets talk to Albert Einstein!

  • If I knew this would happen, I would be a shoemaker.
  • The biggest proof of stupidity is to do the same thing over and over and hope to get a different result.
  • Some men try to understand women, others commit themselves to simpler issues, for example, to the theory of relativity.

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