Precautions for Earthquake and Innovations

Precautions for Earthquake and Innovations. I’ve had three major earthquakes in my life. Critical dates and earthquake intensities are swirling in my memory. On August 17, 1999, we felt the earthquake whose epicenter was Gölcük from Istanbul. Severity 7.4. It’s 3:02 a.m. 45 seconds. And now, on February 6, 2023, I experienced two earthquakes of 7.7 magnitude and 7.6 magnitude with the epicenter in Kahramanmaraş with my family in Gaziantep. Time: 4:17. 65 seconds and 45 seconds. I lost tens of thousands of relatives and friends in 10 provinces.

I witnessed the miracle of those who survived the wreckage. I realized how important rescue dogs and animals are. They say life goes on, but at that moment it stopped for thousands of people. I once again understood that in order to save lives, it is necessary to deal more with the life-saving aspect of technology and innovation.

Precautions for Earthquake. How we experienced EarthQuake?

When we woke up with the intensity of the first earthquake, it was hot, everyone was surprised and stunned. We stayed on the beach in Beşiktaş for two nights as a local. What we experienced in the Kahramanmaraş earthquake was also a matter of shocks. I woke up at 4:15 a.m. In fact, there was a state of restlessness on me before I went to sleep in the evening. I could not fall asleep for a long time. When I woke up at 4:15 a.m., two minutes later I saw my wardrobe shaking. Then the shaking increased. I just prayed that my mother would wake up and not notice. It didn’t. As the room where my mother was located felt the shaking more, my mother woke up crying and screaming.

I got out of bed and ran to her. I lifted it out of bed. The tremor that prevented us from walking stopped us. We just shook violently from right to left, as if for hours, not for seconds. We ended up slumping where we were. My mother kept screaming in shock. The shaking never went away. At that moment we thought we were going to collapse down from the third floor. Everyone felt the death nearby. Then we heard the voices of the occupants of the building. Everyone rushed to the stairs. There was only one goal, and that was to leave the building. During the second earthquake on the same day, we were sitting in a chair in the assembly center. We threw ourselves out the doors with everyone else. My mother had that moment of shock again, breathlessly.

Scenes of EarthQuake

These scenes represent a moment that many people who experienced the earthquake were exposed to. For those who are lucky in this scene, the curtain does not close, it is said to continue living. For the unlucky, the curtain closes and life ends. It’s that simple. 65 seconds you are either dead or you are alive. Questions such as whether the buildings are earthquake resistant, whether the contractor has acted honestly, whether you have survived the debris remain as a story. At that moment, you are only left with the religion you believe in and the one who created you.

Death is either coming to you or postponing you. Seconds take hours. As a citizen who is said to have experienced three earthquakes in cold blood, I would like to share my suggestions in line with my observations. Because I don’t want to go through what me, my mother and thousands of others went through. Because our country is a country with a lot of red on the maps of our earthquake expert teachers.

First of all, earthquake early warning systems, building damage assessment software, providing innovative use of existing building materials, innovative methods in reconstruction, local governments taking an active role at this point, implementing new design concepts to reduce seismic effects, life-saving applications dominated by innovation. It seems essential that these issues are given attention.

Innovations for EarthQuake, Preventation

It is conceivable to apply shock absorbers, skyscraper pendulums, seismic invisibility cloak that reduce the impact of earthquakes.

The problem of accommodation can be solved with earthquake imece platforms, but safety should always remain among the current topics as the most important issue.

In the administrative field, local governments should be very well organized. For both before and after the earthquake. Food supply, toilet needs, hygiene, and if it’s cold, protecting the public should be a priority.

Gathering centers should be organized with priority given to the elderly, women and children. Damage status of assembly centers should be reviewed. An officer in each area should be organized and present for security and needs. It will be possible that the number of officials will be low, so it should be ensured that help from the people is requested and volunteers selected from the public should be assigned to meet these needs.

Precautions for Earthquake. For Buildings

For buildings, the information “buildings that are resistant to such violence and at this rate” should be given to the citizens who buy a house. Universities and municipalities should work together. As a citizen, I can feel safe according to the answer to the question of how resistant my building is to which violence. Nobody wants to buy an expensive surprise egg and see a toy inside that they don’t like.

The activation of central announcement systems is among the main needs to direct the public at every stage of the disaster.

I think that psychologists and psychiatrists should make first aid interventions in the assembly centers to relieve the vulnerable groups of the public for the trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is necessary to make a separate place in the assembly areas for domestic cats and dogs.

For Rescue!

Since there are problems in transportation due to debris, the effective use of drone technology in these disasters and its commissioning to meet some urgent needs should be considered.

Thermal devices can replace the phrase “can anyone hear my voice” because people who are injured in a way that cannot make a sound may be waiting under the rubble.

The number of dogs that detect signs of life should increase, and more dogs should be present in earthquake areas before the earthquake.

For Precautions for Earthquake. Posts that will stir up the public should be prevented. When you implement the central effective announcement system, this information pollution and misinformation will be prevented.

God Bless all of us. Hope to Get well soon.

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