Recruitment Trends 2024

Recruitment Trends 2024 | Significant items of recruitment, one of the most important functions of human resources, for 2024; With the changes in the business world, the recently discovered applications continue to bring innovations with them.

Recruitment Trends 2024: Recruitment Experience

Primary Criteria to Become a Human Resources Leader: Recruitment Experience

By 2024, recruitment is beginning to be considered a strategic role. Recruiters will be expected to bring a new perspective and guide managers.

In the future, recruiters will increasingly look like HR partners.

As the most operational and routine parts of the job become more digital, recruitment becomes more creative, and interpretation and evaluation become much more critical to recruitment. Recruiters will be responsible for anticipating the needs of teams, solving their problems and identifying opportunities for them. In order to become a human resources leader by 2024, having recruitment experience and skills is becoming the most important criteria.

Silent Recruitment

The new concept for recruitment begins quiet recruitment. “Silent Recruitment” is a strategy based on employers filling the talent and skills gaps of existing staff rather than hiring new employees. By improving the employee’s existing skills and gaining new competencies, the evaluation period begins in different positions within the company. To combat the talent crisis, companies will redesign how they make the most of their talents.

While recruiting quietly with its own talents, the number of advertisements given to candidate platforms will be expected to decrease. With the increase in training investments made to the employee, the development of the employee will also contribute to employee loyalty. Making the right use of quiet hiring is a very effective way to hire talent and manage the employee as needed, while keeping costs under control.

The most important thing when hiring silently is to identify and manage talents correctly. A new era is beginning in which the importance of performance evaluation systems and talent management will be more understood.

Data-Centric Recruitment. Recruitment Trends 2024!

Another trend that is expected to grow in the coming years is data-driven hiring. Data-driven hiring is the use of data to help organizations find new candidates. The data that organizations use can vary greatly depending on their needs. It can include data from social media, as well as information from job boards and other recruitment tools. Data-driven hiring is very beneficial for organizations that need to grow the hiring process. With data-driven recruitment, organizations can filter data to find the right candidates when hiring remote workers.

The accuracy of the data and the interpretation of the data will become the most important criteria for recruitment performance, and will be the factors that determine the future of the company in terms of employer branding studies and employee experience.

Remote Recruitment

With the introduction of remote work into the business world, face-to-face interviews have been moved to the digital environment with the use of online platforms and a new order has started in recruitment considering the ease of use and the benefits it provides for the candidate and the employer.

With remote recruitment, the candidate completes all interview processes in the digital environment, and even in companies where remote work has turned into a working model, the entire candidate experience and employee experience continues to be maintained in the digital environment. Companies will have to strengthen their technical infrastructure and use new assessment tools in recruitment. The digital interview skills of recruiters will now be accepted as different competencies.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment. Recruitment Trends 2024!

The latest emerging AI tools, such as Lensa AI or ChatGPT, can help with collecting the necessary data and generating texts in seconds. The role of AI and automation is expected to increase further in 2024 as companies and recruiters seek to optimize and modernize their processes at every step.

It is becoming increasingly common for companies to use AI to improve efficiency and productivity, including hiring new staff. AI tools scan and filter candidates to help organizations quickly and efficiently identify the best candidates.

The Importance of Social Media in Recruitment

As the business world continues to expand, social media is increasingly being used to hire employees. When recruiting, the most used social media in the world is known as Linkedin.

Getting an idea of potential candidates’ skills, personalities, interests is becoming increasingly possible and effective through social media. Learning potential candidates from their profiles and moving forward with more point-by-point recruitment will be more beneficial for recruitment processes.

Diversity and Inclusion

Business leaders worldwide recognize that a culturally diverse workforce nurtures innovation, creativity and higher profitability. When selecting candidates for recruitment, diversity and inclusion will be adopted as the company’s goal.

Diversity; race, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, visible and invisible disability, the process of ensuring that procedures are fair and impartial, eliminating unfair advantages and providing equal opportunities for all.

Inclusiveness; It is defined as the practice of creating an environment where everyone feels heard, supported, and safe while sharing their perspectives.

Generation Z’s Entry into Business Life

Generation Z employees expect everything to be virtual and fast in recruitment. Therefore, companies will have to prepare their processes accordingly. Recruitment automation, mobile-optimized application processes and candidate engagement at every step of the recruitment phase will become a must.

With Generation Z’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, companies will have to focus on implementing innovative candidate review tools designed to eliminate bias against candidates.

Diversity is the watchword of Generation Z. For them, it is important not only in many dimensions related to identity and orientation, isolated by race and gender. Companies that can better represent the spectrum of differences in external branding and marketing processes are much more likely to diversify their talent channels (Deloitte’s Tiffany Mawhinney and Kimberly Betts).

Companies will continue to struggle to find qualified candidates as the talent crisis continues, while they will work hard to gain a competent workforce and retain talent. Creating a positive candidate experience and managing the employer brand correctly will be the foundation of recruitment success.

While there will be many uncertainties in the business world in 2024 and maybe later, recruitment trends will help companies hire the right talent. Following the trends closely and focusing on the issues I highlighted above will allow you to adapt to changes more easily and be successful in recruitment.


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