Hungry people in the world! Ramadan to understand poor people.

Hungry people in the world! The Baby that Eats Five People | The solution to the problems of developing countries must lie in international finance. The proposition that boycotting or significantly reducing meat consumption will affect this process is not only an unnecessary distraction from important issues, it can be positively harmful through its effect on commodity prices.

Also by having fast in Ramadan which month muslim people stop eating for god sake, can help us to understand and help poor and hungry people.

Rich people world and poor people
Rich people world and poor people

Hungry people in the world! The Baby that Eats Five People

Bland. reassuring words. Words uttered by the director of planning and development of the Meat and Livestock Commission – the people whose job it is to ensure that we carry on eating meat. How nice to know that ‘international finance can solve the problems of a hungry world, a world in which five hundred million people go
hungry every day.

A world in which four hundred thousand children die every day from hunger and hunger-related diseases. And it
can all be solved by international finance. But ‘international finance hasn’t solved these problems. ‘International finance’ probably doesn’t give a damn. And nor does the meat industry.

Feeding the Rich, Starving the Poor

Many people are so hideously misinformed about the world food situation that they actually believe that the world doesn’t have the resources to feed everyone. There’s not enough land, they say. This is rubbish. There is enough land to grow food says the charity Oxfam. ‘Who it feeds, what it is used for and what it grows — those are the problems: Oxfam cites one example of the misuses of arable land in Brazil like this: ‘In Brazil huge cattle ranches take up some of the most fertile soil in the whole country. yet sixty per cent of Brazilians are malnourished.

Hungry people in the world! The Baby that Eats Five People

This is a familiar pattern in many developing countries, who are forced to squander their own resources in order to produce cheap beef for the affluent West to consume. Since much of this imported meat goes to make cheap meat products, such as hamburgers, the process has been called ‘hamburgerization.

The poor, the malnourished, and the starving aren’t the only casualties of this immoral business. The massive forests of Central America are falling under the meat-baron’s axe – more than sixty percent of the forests have disappeared in the last thirty years.

The birds are dying

After all, a beef steer needs a lot of room to graze. And the birds are dying, too. As their habitat diminishes, their
numbers are falling – not a slow and gentle decline, but a sharp and brutal decimation. Scientists at the Smithsonian Institute say that the forest songbirds are declining at between one and four per cent every year.

Since these birds migrate to the North American agricultural heartland, scientists believe that their drastic decrease will mean a sharp increase in the number of crop pests that the birds used to keep under control. Well, at least it’s good news for the pesticide manufacturers?

Hungry people in the world
Hungry people in the world

Hungry people in the world! Beef buyers

The picture in other countries is just as bad. In Australia, for example, 300,000 wild horses are being
slaughtered at the command of American beef buyers, who believe that the horses may pass on disease to the beef cattle. The mass slaughter is so large that the beef barons charter helicopters and use them as gunships, spraying the horses with bullets from the air. In Britain, our own Ministry of Agriculture has pursued an
extermination policy against badgers for much the same reasons, despite mounting scientific evidence that our badgers are not implicated in the spread of disease to cattle.

Ramadan to understand poor people! We can do!

But what can you and I actually do about this act of rape, being perpetrated in the name of the affluent Western consumer? If we listen to the meat industry, there is nothing we can do. We are powerless. We should leave the problem of world hunger to international finance to sort out. And while we’re waiting, we can help ourselves to another hamburger.

But the meat industry is wrong we can make things change, if we want to. In reality, none of us is powerless. As consumers, we are actually part of one of the most powerful pressure groups on the face of this planet, if we only realised it. But in order to make things change for the better, we first need to know the full truth. And there’s one very important fact that the meat industry will never tell us.

We are in holy ramadan. What is Ramadan. During ramadan muslim people stop eating for god sake, this islamic pray can help us to understand poor and hungry people.

Semih Bulgur

l am a knowledge worker who works hard to make you informed about original knowledges from international sources!

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