Digital addiction increasing and also Real Problems

Digital addiction increasing and also Real Problems! People are almost in a race to get the latest blessings of technology as soon as possible. Why do people act like this? We find the answer we seek in Kevin Hogan’s book Secret Persuasion Tactics. Hogan writes in his book that people prefer quick and easy things because people are lazy. Note the words ‘quick’ and ‘easy’; These two adjectives make people customers of all applications that claim speed and convenience. Since there is no limit to technology in speed and convenience, the dependence on such products does not seem to end for humanity.

So, we wouldn’t be doing an injustice if we define today’s people as ‘the person of the age of Digital Addiction’. On the other hand, the reality of a world in the age of rich technological blessings and digital conveniences reminds itself in unexpected moments. Natural disasters, epidemics or wars can occur at the most unexpected times and catch governments unprepared. So, how do advanced technology or digital solutions perform against the realities of this world?

Digital addiction increasing and also Real Life Problems!

Let’s ask the question again using a numerical concept: Can the digital mindset, which believes that it can adapt everything to numbers, provide us with inversely proportional data? Let me give a definition for inverse proportion: “If one of two interdependent multiplicities increases while the other decreases at the same rate, or if one decreases and the other increases at the same rate, such multiplicities are said to be inversely proportional.” In other words, as technological possibilities increase and Digital addiction increases, can we show numerically the same degree of decrease in world problems? Of course not. Unfortunately, the problems remain unsolved. However, how much humanity is in need of numbers that point to the reduction of real world problems.

Let’s continue with another question: Shouldn’t there be an explanation for the fact that the pile of problems in the world remains unabated or even increases despite advanced technology and digital applications? We all know that there are risks associated with relying on purely digital solutions. We do not yet have enough reasons to be completely sure that digital solutions are in the final analysis unfailing, always reliable. On the contrary, it is known that it is always possible for digital solutions and digital data to be destroyed by wars or natural events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and disasters.

Eliminating the Digital risks!

This possibility, which no one would want to experience, is called digital disaster. When it comes to digital disaster, we again come across an interesting approach. We see that a concept has been developed with the help of a word from the non-digital real world to express the reliability of digital solutions: digital resilience. It would probably be a little ironic to refer to digital expressions again for a concept aimed at eliminating the risks that arise with digitalization in every area!

Let’s move on to the explanation part of the issue. For the explanation, a concept that I emphasized in the title of this article is key: Digital complacency. In the age of digital complacency, people seem to forget that solving real world problems is only possible with thoughtful solutions. Or they expect palliative solutions like ‘use it and see the result immediately’ for real world problems such as natural disasters. People in the digital age seem to avoid the tedious task of thinking, perhaps. What did big boss Henry Ford say?

“Thinking is one of the hardest things to do. That’s probably why so few people think about it.” However, an unavoidable truth stands out: Real problems in the world await real solutions. The way to the solution is actually in the middle. The first step is to get rid of the convenience of Digital addiction. Then, a very basic human ability that has been blunted by waiting for everything from machines, applications must be revived. That ability is called thinking.

Problem-solving occupies and Digital addiction!

Does the solution sound familiar? “What, everybody knows that, is that what you call a solution?” I can hear you asking. Just because a solution looks ‘familiar’ doesn’t mean it’s an easy task or well implemented. As a matter of fact, according to the results of the Manpower Group Talent Gap Report for 2023, reasoning and problem solving skills are among the most needed talents in the business world. The need for a reasoning and problem-solving workforce worldwide ranks fourth on the list, according to the report. In Turkey, the need for a workforce capable of reasoning and problem-solving occupies the second place on the list.

It is your ability to think as a human that will open up solutions for your business in the face of real-world problems where technology and digital applications are helpless. Finding solutions to real world problems is possible with multidimensional thinking. multidimensional thinking; It means not realizing the quests and approaches for the solution of real problems in the world, only through the data language.

Humanity and businesses from data

Let me try to explain this. data (data); We can say that they are numerical symbols about objects, events and environment. To give an example, the sales figures for each product sold in a store in a certain period are data. Let’s assume that data reveals that there is a gradual increase in production, sales and profitability in a business. Numeric symbols of this kind are a sign of success at first glance. However, success, especially long-term success, requires thinking beyond the numbers. Why? Thinking beyond numbers is the ability to generate long-term benefits and solutions for humanity and businesses from data.

For example, it is to be able to see that overproduction and its associated overconsumption can cause irreparable damage to the production ability, the land that can be produced, and therefore the earth. When this level of understanding and consciousness is reached, it becomes inevitable to put a stop to overproduction and consumption. It is the responsibility to ‘stop the extremism’ and to make the world a more livable place for every living thing that lives on it. Responsibility is a completely human emotion. It is absurd to expect responsibility and especially emotion from digital applications or machines.

Digital opportunities, Digital addiction!

Please do not exaggerate; The solutions created as a result of digitalization are products of the human mind, which is an unrivaled resource. The main actor in the solution of the problems that digital opportunities miss and machines or robots spread will always be human. It is enough to mention only two possibilities to explain that the ability to think is unrivaled in problem solving. When you’re confused and things get stuck, engage these two thinking possibilities over and over:

We do not live in a world where everything is running smoothly. Unexpected problems can always knock on our door. Let’s admit this. However, just accepting this fact is not enough; We also need to be prepared for it. We can call this readiness competence being agile in the moment. Yes, in a world where unexpected surprises can knock on our door, making quick but accurate decisions is vital for the future of your business.

However, this job is not as easy as it seems. This job; In case of momentary developments, momentary problems or momentary surprises, it is a mental operation that requires taking into account as many elements as possible that are valid and meaningful for that very short moment. You have already understood that by element we mean any element that can contribute to the solution. It didn’t sound like an easy task, did it? But never despair.

Because the world needs better solutions.

There is a unique resource bestowed upon you to tackle this task: the ability to think, that is, to reason. Use it a lot. By the way, without forgetting: Try adding more brains to your squad. What did we say? Remember: The main source of being agile in the moment is thinking, the brain. So the more brains you add to your squad, the more your agility will increase in the moment.

Remember that the problems your business faces today are essentially the result of decisions you made and implemented yesterday. This insight gives you reasoning, which is a way of thinking. This understanding is very valuable for tomorrows with no regrets. So, “start with the end in mind,” as Stephen Covey emphasizes in his insightful book, The 7 Habits of an Effective Person.

Never stop thinking about a world you don’t want to live in in the future or business problems you don’t want to face in the future. Then the world and your business will definitely be a safer, more peaceful and more human place. As Scott Thorpe says in his book Thinking Like Genious Einstein: “Make it a habit to look for a better solution, because the world needs better solutions.”

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