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    Sustainability in Digital Transformation | Strategies for Problems

    Sustainability in Digital Transformation, Strategic Approaches to Possible Problems. As digital transformation continues to drive major changes in the business…
    4 days ago

    Technology and Hobbies | Versatility in Technology

    Technology and hobbies are two distinct yet interconnected facets of modern life. Technology, with its ever-evolving advancements, has revolutionized the…
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    ChatGPT and Recruitment | Can Completely Take on the Task?

    In the dynamic realm of recruitment, where technology continues to shape the landscape, ChatGPT stands as an exceptional ally. Its…
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    Emotional Intelligence | Hidden Talent in Business Life

    Emotional Intelligence is Hidden Talent in Business Life. Are you in search of an active job? So what are the…
    1 week ago

    Shaping the Future | Ecosystem 2030

    In the realm of progress and innovation, Ecosystem 2030 emerges as a transformative force. It is a vision that transcends…
    1 week ago

    Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Discrimination

    Careful data selection, diverse training sets, and ongoing monitoring are crucial to minimize bias in AI systems. Additionally, incorporating ethical…
    2 weeks ago

    Chat GPT and Learning Revolution | Education 4.0 is Required

    Chat GPT and Learning Revolution is in our life! Revolutionizing Learning with ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a disruptive technology? In all…
    2 weeks ago

    Ethics of Artificial Intelligence | A Gap in Code

    Ethics of AI: Concerns arise regarding AI's impact on privacy, bias, and job displacement. Transparency, fairness, and accountability are crucial.…

    BilgiSevenler | Short Cut to Reach Knowledge

    • KnowledgesOscar Wilde Qutoes!

      Oscar Wilde Quotes

      Knowing will be the end of everything. What is attractive is not knowing. Fog adds a wonderful beauty to everything.

    • KnowledgesVoltaire Quotes!

      Voltaire Quotes

      Passions are the wind that inflates the ship's sails: Sometimes it will sink the ship, but without it, the ship cannot move.

    • KnowledgesAlbert Camus Portrait!

      Albert Camus Qoutes!

      Do not go ahead, I may not be able to follow you, I may not be able to show you the way; Just walk with me and my friend stayed only.

    • KnowledgesMontaigne quotes!

      Montaigne Quotes!

      They say that smart mind is the most just thing that nature distributes to people; Because no one is suffering from mental share. How can it be? In order not to like his mind, he must see beyond his mind.

    • KnowledgesMarquez Quotes!

      Gabriel Garcia Marquez Quotes

      There will always be people who will break you; So you need to trust, so don't spend it for the sake of waste people.

    • KnowledgesPray at home!

      Pray at home and Train at home! The best way to be happy at home!

      From now on, the devil's mess or malady come from those on our tables. Maybe it comes from skies, my Lord knows. It is a nice patience and sincere prayer that is for us. And so is spirit training at home.

    • KnowledgesHow everything is started?

      How everything is started?

      The novels that you read as if they were real, where you felt the knife on your back of the murderer, stretched your lips out of love, bounced with excitement, is started with makeshift scribbles made on arm, leg, table, on a white paper.

    • KnowledgesHow to prepare inspection report?

      How to prepare inspection report?

      Long term test (Indentation test) related with ITP  Ggj-ITPF-ERW-AFKDSAA-19FD Rev.4  item 8 is reviewed found acceptable. Cathodic Dispondment test is completed and reviewed and checked, found acceptable. Pls see attachments

    • KnowledgesWhat is SEO!

      What is SEO and how to use keywords?

      Some people make millions of dollars explaining to others how to find and use these keywords on their websites, even though it is historical information. Yesterdays most frequently used keyword could never be used again for the rest of the year.

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