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    18 hours ago

    Fortune Telling and Horoscopes | Exploring Their Influence

    Fortune telling and horoscopes: mystical practices offer guidance and self-reflection, but skepticism remains due to lack of scientific evidence.
    3 days ago

    A Beginner’s Guide to Tarot Reading | Unlocking the Mysteries

    Tarot reading, an ancient practice, combines symbolism and intuition for insight. It's a personal journey of self-discovery, growth, and guidance.
    4 days ago

    Embrace Winter Beauty | Your Guide to Stunning Winter Makeup

    Elevate your winter beauty with hydrating makeup. Embrace rosy cheeks, matte finishes, and luscious lips for a stunning seasonal look.
    6 days ago

    Embrace Natural Beauty | Tips for Radiance Without Makeup

    Embrace natural beauty through skincare, healthy habits, and self-confidence, radiating an authentic and stunning glow without the need for makeup.
    7 days ago

    How to Find Perfect Hairstyle | Face Shape, Hair Type, Skin Color

    How to Find Perfect Hairstyle? Your hairstyle is a powerful form of self-expression that can enhance your natural beauty and…
    1 week ago

    What to Wear in Autumn for Women | Stylish Outfit Ideas

    Elevate your autumn style with cozy layers, earthy tones, and versatile accessories. Stay stylish and comfortable while embracing the beauty…
    1 week ago

    Makeup for Mature Women | Suggestions for Aging Beautifully

    Discover makeup tips for mature women: choose lightweight foundations, soft eyeshadows, and hydrating lip products to enhance natural beauty gracefully.
    1 week ago

    What to Drink and What to Do for Skin Beauty

    What to Drink and What to Do for Skin Beauty? Radiant, healthy skin is a reflection of good overall health…
    2 weeks ago

    Massage for Beauty | Balinese, Thai, and Far Eastern Massages

    Balinese, Thai, and Far Eastern massages blend relaxation and holistic wellness for enhanced beauty, from stress reduction to rejuvenated skin.

    BilgiSevenler | Short Cut to Reach Knowledge

    • KnowledgesRobots in the future

      Robots in the Future | Our biggest competitor

      Robots in the future will be our biggest competitor. They will be faster, more efficient and more accurate than humans. They will be able to work 24/7 without getting tired or needing breaks. They will be able to learn and adapt to new situations faster than humans. They will be…

    • KnowledgesWHAT is aarhus?

      What is Aarhus contract?

      The Aarhus contract is a short name for the Aarhus Convention, which is an international treaty that aims to promote environmental democracy by giving people access to information, participation and justice on environmental matters.

    • KnowledgesRealty of our time Externally Governed Man

      Reality of our Time | Externally Governed Man

      An Externally Governed Man is someone who follows the rules, policies and authority of an outside source, such as a country, an organization or a group or social media. He does not act on his own will or judgment, but rather obeys the directives of others. This is Reality of…

    • KnowledgesRemote work possible

      Remote Work | Are distances an obstacle to work

      Remote Work, Are distances an obstacle to work? As long as one basic assumption still applies, the existence of the office was safe for all employees. An imposing building, offices designed according to happy employee surveys, a well-known coffee shop on the ground floor and bringing teams together in a…

    • KnowledgesEvolution of Management in Information Age

      Evolution of Management in Information Age

      Evolution of Management in Information Age is a topic that examines how management theories and practices have changed with the development and diffusion of digital technologies. Management has gone through three main eras: Industrial Revolution, Scientific Management and Human Relations. In the Information Age, management has to be more strategic,…

    • KnowledgesTechnology trends

      Technology Trends Featured in 2023 | MetaVerse, VR and AR

      Technology is constantly evolving and transforming the world we live in. Some of those key trends that will shape the future of technology in near future.

    • KnowledgesFuture of Mobility as a Service

      Mobility as a Service | With e-mobility Smart Cities Coming Soon

      Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is a type of service that allows users to plan, book, and pay for various mobility services through a single digital channel! How MaaS will impact the future of transportation and what are the opportunities and challenges it faces?

    • KnowledgesWhat kind of world will we live in

      What kind of world will we live in | Pandemic, Climate, Society

      The world we live in is facing unprecedented challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the climate crisis. Both of these threats have exposed the fragility of our societies and the interdependence of our fates. So, What kind of world will we live in?

    • KnowledgesMiscommunication and quite crowd

      Miscommunication | Quiet Confusion

      Miscommunication is failure to communicate clearly. It can happen when people have different expectations, assumptions, backgrounds, or perspectives. It can also happen when people use ambiguous words, gestures, or expressions. Miscommunication can cause confusion, frustration, conflict, or misunderstanding among people. It can affect personal relationships, work performance, team collaboration, customer…

    • KnowledgesData security

      Data Security | Basic Principle of Data World

      Read carefuly the open cosent test and dont share your personal data with the unreliable site and also you can protect your data by yourself.

    • KnowledgesZelensky Leadership in Difficult Times

      Leadership in Difficult Times | Great Struggle of Ukraine

      A true leader occurs when everthing is not goin well. Find a recent sample for Leadership in Difficult Times!

    • KnowledgesTo be a true leader

      To be a True Leader | How to Coach Your Employees

      To be a True Leader first you shoud Coach you Emplloyees. Learn, How to do step bey step!

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