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    Robots in the Future | Our biggest competitor

    Robots in the future will be our biggest competitor. They will be faster, more efficient and more accurate than humans.…
    1 day ago

    What is Aarhus contract?

    The Aarhus contract is a short name for the Aarhus Convention, which is an international treaty that aims to promote…
    2 days ago

    Reality of our Time | Externally Governed Man

    An Externally Governed Man is someone who follows the rules, policies and authority of an outside source, such as a…
    3 days ago

    Clean Energy Applications in America | Green Energy and World

    Clean energy is energy obtained from renewable sources, such as wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal power. Clean energy has many…
    1 week ago

    Remote Work | Are distances an obstacle to work

    Remote Work, Are distances an obstacle to work? As long as one basic assumption still applies, the existence of the…
    1 week ago

    Evolution of Management in Information Age

    Evolution of Management in Information Age is a topic that examines how management theories and practices have changed with the…

    BilgiSevenler | Short Cut to Reach Knowledge

    • KnowledgesGrange Qoutes!

      Jean Christophe Grange Qoutes

      Forgetting and waiting are the actions that hurt you most; but not knowing how long these will last is the worst of the pain!

    • KnowledgesUnderstanding your children!

      Understanding Your Children and Their Behaviour

      Never show him the behavior of other children as an example. The person who will set an example for him is his mother and father, that is, you! Do your children set other parents as an example to you?

    • KnowledgesKeep Family Strong

      Keep Family Strong! The best advises for Parents from Pros

      What does working at a marriage mean? It means noticing the other person’s needs. Being aware of small changes and not taking anything for granted. After the honeymoon phase many couples reported that they just got on with living. Yet love, there initially, can wither and die if not nurtured.…

    • KnowledgesAttention Deficit Disorder

      What Is Attention Deficit Disorder? Recomendations from pros

      If you've had untreated ADD for a long time. You may also need psychotherapy to help bring about change in interpersonal, professional. And social relationships that have been adversely affected as a consequence of the disorder.

    • KnowledgesTo Stop Child Whining

      To Stop Child Whining! Tips to help parents by pros

      One of our jobs as parents is to teach children how to maturely meet their needs. We can also show them that authority figures can be reasonable and generous. Your consistent approach to dealing with the problem of whining is key. If whining never gets the results your child wants,…

    • KnowledgesAlbert Camus Portrait!

      Albert Camus Qoutes!

      Do not go ahead, I may not be able to follow you, I may not be able to show you the way; Just walk with me and my friend stayed only.

    • KnowledgesCirculation of the blood, science in islam!

      Science in islam, History of philosophy, literature and the mosque!

      The other such feature is the minaret, usually considered to be the place from which the faithful are called to prayer. However, especially during the first centuries of Islam, the minaret was primarily a visual beacon indicating a Muslim community. Or, as in the Arabian sanctuaries of Mecca and Medina.…

    • KnowledgesAlbert Einstein Quotes!

      Albert Einstein Quotes!

      I do not know which weapons to use in World War 3, but I know that there will be stones and sticks in World War 4.

    • KnowledgesNew age social media!

      New Age Social Media Marketing

      Website design should offer you low cost and effective social internet marketing services that can increase your website's income potential.

    • KnowledgesWhat is SEO!

      What is SEO and how to use keywords?

      Some people make millions of dollars explaining to others how to find and use these keywords on their websites, even though it is historical information. Yesterdays most frequently used keyword could never be used again for the rest of the year.

    • KnowledgesVoltaire Quotes!

      Voltaire Quotes

      Passions are the wind that inflates the ship's sails: Sometimes it will sink the ship, but without it, the ship cannot move.

    • KnowledgesOscar Wilde Qutoes!

      Oscar Wilde Quotes

      Knowing will be the end of everything. What is attractive is not knowing. Fog adds a wonderful beauty to everything.

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