What is SEO and how to use keywords?

Importance of SEO

What is SEO and how to use keywords | Knowledge about SEO and popularity of SEO are increasing day by day in the internet world.  Because without good SEO you are not visible in internet. You can not sell enough your goods and you can not get organic traffic so you can not earn money.

And nowdays internet is not Siber World on the screen. Internet is your second real life under your fingers!

Many people new to internet marketing wonder why good search engine optimization (SEO) is important. In explaining why, this article could be very short or very long, according to how much of the topic I wish to write on, although the answer is basically a matter of common sense.

Importance of KeyWords!
Importance of KeyWords!

What is SEO and how to start learning SEO.

You can not learn SEO by books or internet articles! To learn SEO break it first and then repairing it! And start from KeyWords.

Anybody who uses search engines to find out information, which is the vast majority of internet users, uses phrases to find the information they are seeking. These phrases, to them, best describe the information they seek.

Thus, if they are looking for information on what to look for when buying a second hand car they might use the term ‘buying second hand cars’, or ‘buying used cars’, or ‘how to buy used cars’ and so on.

Each of these terms is commonly termed a ‘keyword’, and searching for the most used keywords, or even lesser used keywords, is big business on the internet.

Importance of seo!
Importance of seo!

How to use keywords?

If you have a website, or even just one web page, dealing with that topic, you can optimize it only for one of these keywords if you want the bets results. Many people make the mistake of trying to optimize a webpage for all the keywords they can think of, totally ignorant of the fact that if they have 20 keywords then they should have 20 web pages, each optimized for one keyword.

Meaning of SEO!

To find correct KeyWord you must be very creative like a piano composer who finds rhythm divine between the piano keys without soul!

What is SEO!
What is SEO!

Why good search engine optimization (SEO) is important

I ended up losing many thousands of dollars through that experiences, and using the bad information I was given and l am trying to learn SEO. To learn SEO, books or web search are not enough! The best way to learn SEO is real life experience. You must break it down and repair.

I am only now making up for it. That is the importance of knowing how to use SEO in your website. Learn how to select and use proper keywords. And do not be mislead by trends or spikes due to high school exams or current news as I was.

Good search engine optimization is very important. So without a good understanding of SEO, your internet business will have less a chance of success.

Creat unique contents and find the correct keywords and be a good search engine worker. Good luck for all of us!

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