Understanding Your Children and Their Behaviour

Understanding Your Children and Their Behaviour | Maybe it is one of the hard job in the world. As if being mine worker or film director maybe house wife! No not like this, there are ways to understand them! To change bad behavior of your children, fisrt you should understand them. In order to understand why your child is misbehaving it is extremely useful to keep a knowledge diary:

Children and Family!
Children and Family!

Understanding Your Children and Their Bahaviour!

  • Identify one behaviour that you would like to change.  Be as specific as you can e.g. Wont do as s/he is told, hitting, demands things, whines. Write the behaviour down.
  • When the behaviour occurs, write down what led immediately up to it (triggers) and what  happened afterwards (consequences)?  Also record how you behave and  feel?  Please use (print)the form if this is helpful.
  • After a week try to see if there is a pattern to the behaviour.  When is it occurring (times, situations)?  Who is  it occurring with?  What  are the triggers?  What  are the consequences or “pay-offs” for your  child?  Often this is related to getting attention, “winding-up”, getting their own way (“giving in for a quiet life”).
  • Ask yourself what is my child learning from the way I respond to the behaviour?  Am I setting limits and boundaries consistently?

See Big Picture and Remove Triggers!

Once you have a clear picture you are ready to change the pattern. By changing the triggers and consequences.  You may have to try and ignore certain behaviour. And also try not to give in, remove certain privileges. So look and sound as if you mean it when asking you child to do something.  Most importantly concentrate on encouraging and rewarding good behaviour!

Understanding your children!
Understanding your children!

They never show! Imagine your 6-year-old telling you how understanding, consistent, and loving the mother of another child was. Think how devastating it would be! Believe me, you would have given up on everything!

Be patient, believe in yourself and you will succeed! 

Semih Bulgur

l am a knowledge worker who works hard to make you informed about original knowledges from international sources!

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