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The Road to Conscious Machines! We seem to be running around trying to build a smart life. We question the possibility of a new mind that can take the place of man, that will divide his work. To our natural or artificial helpers; We run in a system where we give a command and sometimes they can think we don’t think we are, they can give us quick answers. So where has artificial intelligence settled in human life? How did the past, present and future of this intelligence take shape? While people think that they cannot get used to artificial intelligence, how did they start to design all their habits around its existence? Michael Wooldridge’s book, The Road to Conscious Machines, can guide these questions and pave a way for the reality of artificial intelligence.

The Road to Conscious Machines! ChatOn the Way to GPT

Nowadays, when we can start to question where even a text is written, the activities that artificial intelligence can do instead of human are daunting. For some professions, it is debated whether it will disappear in the future with artificial intelligence. It then concludes that human creativity and mindset cannot be created by any artificial intelligence. However, although we say so today, artificial intelligence continues to surprise us every day. Just like ChatGPT can enter our lives and show how even thoughtful productions can emerge in a matter of seconds maybe miliseconds.

The book offers a comprehensive examination of the intersection between artificial intelligence, consciousness, and the future of technology in general. But within this examination, the human mind also generates many new questions. He is even afraid of the points to be reached at some points. It is as if he can get out of the way and think that artificial intelligence will build a world for himself. This vehicle, which is driving on a vast road and impossible to stop, makes those who want to stop feel like it will wipe out.

In this respect, the development of artificial intelligence reminds people of a dream or a science fiction. The book says this has historically been the case: “In the long term, the dream of artificial intelligence is undoubtedly to build machines that are as broad as human in terms of performing intelligence-based actions, that is, self-aware, conscious and autonomous, just like us humans. You’ve surely come across this version of the AI dream in sci-fi movies, TV shows or books.”

How Does the Story of Artificial Intelligence Begin?

It is obvious that the story of artificial intelligence is not over yet, and perhaps even the end of it cannot be predicted. It is a dream that may grow larger in his story and perhaps witness different universes and evolve into new names. However, where this story begins differs according to everyone. Some can trace this story back to the 17th century. Some people attribute it to the first calculators, control systems, but we don’t really see AI until we build a system that actually thinks. So, as in Alan Turing’s key question, “Can machines think?”

Machines that can quickly create a new product with the data inside seem to be able to think.

However, here, unlike humans, this process that artificial intelligence does only by combining the data uploaded to it; it sets limits on the universe of technology where everything seems limitless. Is it possible to build a system that functions like the human mind, that dreams and desires?

Deeper than US! Conscious Machines

With Turing’s invention of the computer, we see for the first time the functioning of a system that thinks and can apply the demand of man. In other words, artificial intelligence was in our lives before it was on our phones, in our ears, in the watch on our wrist today. His past was deep, deeper than ours, but then we came to use it. But our conversation about it, our effort to understand where it leads, has continued to increase in recent years.

Now we’re thinking about how to build a more conscious machine. We expect a phenomenon that is shaped by adapting to many factors such as “consciousness” at the same time from artificial intelligence. As such, we are considering the possibility of bringing a mind, body, social intelligence, emotion, managerial and design perspective to artificial intelligence. In other words, is it possible to have a system in which a genuine human form comes to life in artificial intelligence, and perhaps artificial intelligence will exhibit a “will” in front of us? Perhaps more importantly; What kind of will does man show himself in the face of this will?

While artificial intelligence stands in an uncontrollable place in our lives, it is important to reacquaint with its presence and look at what causes it to be found in the places where it is; it has become an action that cannot be left to artificial intelligence. Those who want to explore this process and see the past, present and future of artificial intelligence; It can gain a new perspective with Michael Wooldridge’s book “The Road to Conscious Machines”.

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