Self Confidence and Self Esteem of Child! Help your Children by Pro Tips

Self Confidence and Self Esteem of Child! Help your Children by Pro Tips | The terms self-confidence and self-esteem are often used synonymously by mistake. Self-confidence and self-esteem do overlap, but they are not the same.

Self-confidence is defined as “confidence in one’s own judgment, ability, power, decisions, etc.” Self-esteem is a “respect for or a favorable impression of oneself.” It is easy to think of examples of people who have self-confidence but not self-esteem. A self-confident person may believe he can overcome any challenge or obstacle, but actually have poor self-esteem and be quite insecure.

Self Confidence and Self Esteem of Child!

According to educational therapist Lawrence J. Greene in 1001 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Schoolwork. “The deceptiveness of achievement is chronicled every day in the media, where countless stories describe successful actors, singers, musicians, lawyers, ministers, physicians, accountants. And business executives who self-destruct for seemingly irrational reasons. In virtually every case the aberrant behaviour can be traced to intrinsically flawed self-esteem.”

Self esteem
Self esteem

Self-esteem is the sum of a child’s feelings about herself. It represents how she values herself as a human being. The foundation of self-esteem is formed by temperament, intelligence, and aptitude. According to Greene, “During the first four years of life additional building blocks are mounted on this foundation.

These blocks represent family values, child-rearing practices, life experiences, reasonable. And clearly communicated expectations, fair and consistently applied rules. And social relationships.” Providing your child with love, security, and appreciation will hold everything together. A child with good self-esteem will have a strong sense of her own competency, worth, and uniqueness.

Physically or emotionally and negatively comparing!

When a child is physically or emotionally abused, negatively compared with other children. Or caused to feel guilt or shame, the development of healthy self-esteem is impossible. A child who does not like himself will go through life feeling like a failure. His bad feelings about himself will lower his motivation, effort, and performance.

In contrast, a child with healthy self-esteem “feels deserving of success,” says Greene. “She enjoys challenges, delights in developing her talents. And revels in her accomplishments.” A child with low self-esteem will try to avoid challenges. Because she does not understand her worth as a person, she has low expectations of herself.

As mentioned earlier, high achievement does not necessarily equal high self-esteem. It is even possible for achievement to replace self-esteem. “Because achievement can create the illusion of self-esteem,” says Greene. “Parents must look beneath the surface in attempting to assess their child’s true feelings about herself.”

Self confidence of child
Self confidence of child

 Self Confidence and Self Esteem of Child and A child’s self-concept.

A child’s self-concept will be shaky if it depends mainly on his ability to achieve. Or on the approval of others. Such a child may be completely crushed by a series of perceived failures.

You cannot give your child self-esteem. Your child’s self-esteem will not “grow in proportion to the attention or presents lavished on her,” according to Greene. She will have to earn her self-esteem by solving her own problems, overcoming challenges. And dealing with setbacks and failures.

He/She will earn it with her own hard work and perseverance. She will learn to appreciate herself as she develops her talents and experiences her power.

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