Philosophy of Technology | Hi-Tech Vision in the 21st Century

Philosophy of Technology for Hi-Tech Vision in the 21st Century! Technology is one of the dominant factors affecting our lives. Today’s developments have reached a level that competes with itself and exceeds itself in this regard. Every day, a new technological commodity is produced, various models of this produced commodity emerge, their sub-industries develop according to sectors and an ecosystem is formed within itself. In this sense, it may be useful to look at technology from broader perspectives.

When we look at technology, we need to develop a macro, that is, a view that will see the whole picture. Because when we think of it as a mathematical equation that we call “vision development”, technology will take its place as one of the parameters with the largest coefficient and variable.

Philosophy of Technology for Hi-Tech Vision in the 21st Century?

For example, when we consider this equation in terms of the defense industry, the development of unmanned systems, that is, the existing mechanisms, and the addition of artificial intelligence to them shows us a situation that deeply affects and changes modern war strategies and the staff mind.

For this reason, we must produce a mind for this in order to catch up with these developments and even to be a pioneer in the world. The way to produce this mind is to create and develop our philosophy of high technology.

What is at stake here is a multidimensional phenomenon. While developing this philosophy, we can build our system on the following principles:

Philosophy of Technology with following principles!

  • What will we produce technology for? (Human welfare, for profit, etc.)
  • What is the current situation in the world in terms of the technology under consideration?
  • Where is the technology under consideration headed?
  • What are the current and potential developmental sub-branches of this technology and what can they be?
  • What are our current R&D studies and opportunities?
  • What do we want to improve?
  • In what areas can we improve according to the course of the world and developments?
  • How can we apply innovation studies to these issues?
  • What strategy can we follow to be a pioneer in these matters?
  • In which area and how can we carry out pioneering work towards current needs?

With these and similar questions, we should follow the development in every field related to technology and trends, carry out our development work by putting forward a mind accordingly and not give up being systematic. Because technology is also a culture, and in this culture, we must move to a position that produces instead of consuming so that we can take the place we want in the current world.

Globalization on the one hand

The world is currently in very tough competition conditions in this regard. Globalization on the one hand, and digitalization, which is a sub-branch of the subject we are dealing with on the other hand, tosses, changes and transforms everything like hallucinatory cotton.

To be able to meet this change and transformation is possible with a little chaos management, a little controlled planning and management of expected developments. Because the speed of change is increasing geometrically, not arithmetic. Since everything is affected and shaped accordingly, it is of great importance to be able to control the effects of this speed a little and to keep up with it.

Transformation processes in different areas

Jacques Ellul says that all technical developments have three effects. These:

  • Desirable
  • Expected
  • They are unexpected developments.

The main emphasis here is that we have actually opened different doors that we never knew about with technology. For example, as we have seen in the movies, a physics experiment is carried out and a certain portal door is opened. However, that door can get out of control and turn into a black hole after a while. We can say that technology offers us such a set of processes.

Manage technology as a tool

If we are trying to take the place we want as individuals, institutions or countries in the future, we must follow the technology closely and provide the necessary equipment accordingly because the world of the future is moving towards a point where technology is used more and integrated more with our daily lives. Therefore, it is essential to understand and manage technology as a tool.

It is extremely important to better understand and construct such a commodity, which changes and transforms everything it penetrates, in order to prepare for the future. Therefore, developing an intellectual content for this situation, that is, putting forward a technology philosophy, will be a move that will bring us forward especially in the world of the future. Organizations that achieve this will reach a very different position from others and consolidate their future place.

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