How to get more family time? Tips For Too much busy Parents

How to get more family time? Tips For Too much busy Parents | When we have question about how would we give them more happiness. Many people say they want more time for themselves. And more time with their families. Obviously this wish cannot be answered by adding more hours to a day.

The solution can be found by using the time you have more efficiently. Smart time management (planning carefully and setting priorities) can give you more time to be used for yourself and your family in the ways you enjoy.

Many parents work long hours. And find that free time with their families is extremely limited. Try to involve your children in what you need to do. Break down your big projects and delegate. So that you can spend time together, even when simply doing chores.

Happy and together!
Happy and together!

How to get more family time?

When planning a birthday or holiday party. Make a list of the things to be done. And do one small part of the preparations every evening. For example, work on invitations one night, planning decorations the next. Then decide on the menu, and so on.

Your kids will enjoy being involved in the preparations. And will feel proud they contributed to the success of the event. You would have spent time planning the party anyway. And by involving them (even if they’re not as helpful as you make them think they are). You will have derived double benefit from limited time.

More family time, Simplify your life!

Simplify your life by getting rid of clutter, junking useless possessions. And cutting down on outside commitments. For example, if someone calls you. And extends an invitation, don’t be afraid to say you can’t make it (even if you have no prior commitment). Have your decesion based on what’s good for your family. And also for you.

Little time-savers and efficiencies (shorter showers, simple dinners, dishwashers) can make a difference. But the important thing is to see the larger picture. And make some fundamental changes. Here are tips that will simplify your life. And give you more family time.

List Priority: Time-management systems (such as Franklin Day Planner) offer binders and inserts in various sizes, allowing you to customise pages to suit your needs.

Family Calender: Also include deadlines for long-term school projects. Try using a different coloured marker for each member of the family. This makes individual schedules easy to identify and encourages children to keep track of their own activities.

Spend time with family
Spend time with family

Plan every day,

Spend 10 minutes–early in the morning, on your lunch hour, or before you go to bed–quietly reviewing what you must do in the next 24 hours. This helps you feel in control, cuts down on unfocused activity, and helps you concentrate on the things that really matter.

Pare down your possessions.Simplify, simplify, simplify. Every object exacts a price beyond its initial cost in terms of cleaning, upkeep, and storage. Getting rid of unneeded things–magazines, newspapers, letters, clothes, even unused furniture–produces two benefits. First, it frees more space in closets and rooms.

Maintain order.Who hasn’t known the frustration of searching frantically for something that it temporarily misplaced or buried amid clutter? It wastes time, energy, and peace of mind. Before you go to bed, load the dishwasher, straighten the living room, gather newspapers and trash, and sweep the kitchen floor quickly. Then, in the morning, everything will go more smoothly.

Use automatic bill-payment plans.Most banks allow customers to authorise direct withdrawal from a checking account. You select the date for withdrawal. Bill-paying can be time consuming. There’s no way to do it fast and accurately. Each automatic payment means one less check to write, one less stamp to lick, and one less deadline to remember.

Establish a sensible bedtime for children.Teachers report that more and more children are arriving at school and child care centres tired because they stay up too late.

Involve children in everyday activities.These might include preparing dinner, setting the table, folding the laundry, sorting recyclables, washing the car.

More Family Time
More Family Time

More family time, Use the answering machine. 

Turn on the answering machine when you want to avoid interruptions during mealtime, family activities, and bedtime rituals.

Try to work efficiently on the job. So you can leave your work at the office. Don’t bring work home unless it is absolutely necessary. Before you leave work, spend five minutes clearing up your desk. And making a list of the things you need to do tomorrow.

You’ll need to realise that there are some things you simply cannot do. Feel comfortable saying, at the end of the day, “I’ve done my best. That’s all I can do today. I’m done.” The proper attitude will allow you more contentment and satisfaction. You can end the day knowing you have done all you could to make sure you will use time productively tomorrow–and have fun with your family!


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