Montaigne Quotes!

Montaigne Quotes | Montaigne (born 28 February 1533 – 13 September 1592), 16th century French essayist. And so what did the master Montaigne say? Let’s read amazing Montaigne quotes.

Montaigne Quotes ! What Montaigne said?

  • In fact, people do not disappoint you. Only you, you are dreaming on the wrong people.
  • People are like spikes, their heads are in the air when they are empty, they bend as they fill.
  • Even if we are knowledgeable with the knowledge of others, we can only be smart with our own mind.
  • Man is the same person everywhere; If there is no dignity in the creation of a person, he would still be naked if he wore the crown of the universe.
  • Unless there is comfort in the soul and body, what is the comfort of the mattress?
Montaigne talks!
Montaigne talks!

Montaigne Quotes,

  • The taste of seeing each other every day is different, the taste of leaving and meeting is completely different.
  • Success in many subjects depends on knowing how much time it will take.
  • The most common signs and clues of intelligence are joy.

Does the nail remove the nail?

  • I don’t like to relieve the pain with pain. If your stomach hurts, did you deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating oysters?
  • Since a timeless death took you away, half of my soul took away, what is the point of living on earth without half of my being, the least cherished part? That day, we both died.
Montaign said!
Montaign said!

Live well not to much!

  • The value of life is not to live long, but to live well.
  • Schools are repressed gencligin prisons.

  • Love exists where there is shame and shyness.
  • All days go to death; arrives on the last day.
  • It is not enough that education does not spoil people, it should change for the better.
  • The greater than animality is Thinking that the issue that created us is animality?

Marquez Quotes!

Ready for die!

  • It is not clear where death awaits us. The best that we wait it everywhere.
  • What we call love is nothing than thirsty for the taste we could not find in a desired being.
  • Writing is not the cause, but the result, of unhappiness.
  • Angeris not to hide, it enters into us completely.
  • Day when we come in to the earth with one hand we starts to live and other hand start to die!
Montaigne quotes!
Montaigne quotes!

Justice for everybody!

  • There is no moral where there is no justice.
  • Un seduced woman cannot boast of virginity.
  • If you can, crack my ideas first; then to me.
  • Sweet language is a magic key that opens every door.

  • One cannot find what is necessary for himself because of his desires.

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