What does an inspector engineer do?

What he doesn’t do and what is inspector engineer? In fact he does everyting! He takes the most critical decision for the huge projects by knowledges and experiences. What does an inspector engineer do?  He approves and signs the billions of dollars projects to produce, provide energy or transport energy without trouble with safely for many years.

Only a micro crack inside the weld bead can destroy your Billion Dolars Project maybe hundred of lifes. That’s why to be Inspector is very important and serious job like manufacturing, quality and planning.

Some duties of inspector engineer,

WPS (Welding Process Specification)

PQR (Welding Method Approval)

WQT (Welder Qualification Test)

Tests, Control of NDT and sectoral applications, implementation and control of Engineering Services.

Tracking, control and inspection of quality plans and documents as well as painting, blasting controls and surface roughness measurements. Providing inspection service for dimensional measurement controls as well as project suitability controls.

What does an inspector engineer do?

Project based work,

As project based, proceed and supervision of both NDT Quality Control and Engineering and all Periodic Control Services, with partner companies approved by accreditation companies such as TURKAK.

In destructive tests, VQC (Vocational Qualification Certificate) Certification of competent expert firms and companies providing auxiliary services. Also in rail systems; Control follow-up and audit of firms that provide stress and tension receiving services on rails.

Quality Control,

100% guaranteed heat and water insulation systems Polyurea, Polyurethane, Epoxy control. Controls in the areas of sliding based insulation. On basic interior and / or exterior surfaces, such as pool, roof, terrace, ship etc. Control of dynamic static construction calculations in many fields.

Inspector Enginner at work!
Inspector Enginner at work!

Control of proper assembly of refractory materials with expert and experienced teams. In addition; Supervision of personnel competence in personnel recruitment on welding / assembly / manufacturing with QA-QC.

What is inspector engineer?

In another area; Heat treatment – Stress Relieving, Control and supervision in team and equipment supply for paint-blasting operations.

Freelance Inspector

Freelance inspector,

Providing FREELANCE Inspecor service with (All NDT methods, IIWP-B / SSPC … Level2) certificates and providing audit services in the ongoing projects, manufacturing and processes with expert staff.

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