How to understand women? l found the best and dangerous way!

How to understand women? l found the best and dangerous way | They say that It’s impossible to understand women. In fact, according to a famous story; Even the lamp genie agreed to build the world’s longest highway instead of making women understand. Forget it all, it’s all lies! There’s a way to understand women! Of course If you can dare!

Angry women on the bloody days!
Angry women on the bloody days!

Especially when they are on the bloody days! l mean her menstrual days.  When these days  arrive. The Black Sea swells and huge waves hit you in the face. Retreat to a safe harbor and wait patiently until the storm is over! Don’t worry, the never-ending storm has not been seen…

How to understand women?

To understand women l do not have any knowledge! Once upon a time, it was impossible to understand women! But that wasn’t really the reason. I didn’t like women because the girl I loved like crazy in college didn’t want me. Then there’s a lot of pointless and romantic drunkenness craps.

That was the sweet love pain for every handsome man experiences when he’s not accepted. And then the youth years that stuck to the excuses we made up.

How to understand woman? Be woman!

After having bittersweet adventures with women. I suddenly found a way for how to understand women! Understanding women was about being a woman and that’s what I did.

No, no…! I didn’t cut my penis and get into short skirt or wear skinny bikinis with thongs. I just went online and set up an account on Facebook with a picture of a beautiful woman.

After that, it was an incredible jolt for me. A shock that shook my brain and then I woke up with shaking! I knew men were horny, deviant, demanding. But we were what a disgusting, despicable, scum, perverted, repugnant creatures!

To understand women, be woman
To understand women, be woman

Horny Boys!

As soon as I opened the account, I started getting friend requests from a bunch of hairy and hairy snots. Then as a novice, I accepted them all.

Then rain of perversion and transgression have started. Friend requests were endless. l had hundreds of messages, relationship requests, lots of disgusting relationship videos. And also boys sending their big stuff, nonstop ringing call messages, perverted relationship requests!…

l did open the account and close it as same time! Otherwise, I’d be crazy. I’m not apologizing to the dumb-ass men who think I’m a woman and spill the water of their mouths and the filth in them!

Women we upset!
Women we upset!

Answer to the unanswered question,

Then I sat down and I thought about it, and I understood women. Why they treated us like this, why so many of them were depressed, their imbalances, their tides, all the reasons were obvious. There are other reasons, of course, but it was us men who made women what they are, acting like a swarm of despicable cattle!

When you mature, you’re soft as a fruit and you understand what’s going on. It’s a big nerve war and an emotional struggle for a really decent and beautiful woman to commute to a grocery store just 100 meters away…

Give it up for her!

To remain a chaste, decent, loyal, moral woman, and even to be a mother, a housewife, is really harder than the heaviest man’s job! I understand that very well.

Of course, this doesn’t exonerate women who are too involved in evil work, who talk too much, who harass people, who use these animal aspects of men for their own benefit, who worship money and power.

Yes, now the modern woman has more opportunities and rights. So at least they don’t do laundry in the creek like our mothers, they don’t spend a year in a coat, and now they have diapers that are used like toilet paper.

This woman should be happy!
This woman should be happy!

The Century of Women

As someone who has written The Century of Women, my respect and love for women has increased since my experiences.

Yes, women, as our mothers and wives, let them continue this difficult struggle for existence and complete us, and we love and respect them.

If anyone knows any other ways to understand women, please tell me! I think I understand women, but maybe I’m at the beginning of the road…

If they spoke a little less, I swear, they are great things!… And they are similar to the Black Sea 9 months choppy 3 months stormy!

Sometimes it’s really hard to understand. The woman who said the words of love an hour ago and spoiled you, half an hour later, how does she turn into a monster with a broomstick?

Pretty woman walking down the street:) What is the meaning of woman?

Yes, that’s how I understood a little bit of women. Besides, modern women should know and experience that she is very lucky and free compared to hundreds of years ago. But don’t forget the domestic balance and motherhood!

Here are the women; Today the wedding is like death tomorrow!

Hold on a minute! I thought I understood women, but I didn’t.

I’ll let you know when I know. This article is not over!

If you throw away the libido factor! In fact, a woman means family, breakfast means happiness and children!

How to understand women?
How to understand women?

How to understand women: Getting Along with Women!

In order to get along with women, you first need to talk less! Besides, you should hear little? To make a woman happy and yourself. You only need to use the following 5 words:

What’s that got to do with it baby, No problem, So, Oh thanks honey, oh my dear:)))

No, I’ve changed my mind, you can’t understand women. Only if you have the patience of a prophet, you can survive with them!

How to understand women? Don’t try to understand! Shut up and don’t hear! Be sure, you’ll never win against them in a race of words!

So I mean, as long as women are like this, this article never be end!

To be continued!


Semih Bulgur

l am a knowledge worker who works hard to make you informed about original knowledges from international sources!

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