How to clear your mind from Rumination Disorder

How to clear your mind from Rumination Disorder? On the front pages of the ‘World Mental Health Report’ published by the WHO in June 2022, it reads:

“Mental health is an integral part of our overall health and one of our fundamental human rights.”

According to the same report; Millions of people around the world are suffering in silence due to mental problems, depriving them of this fundamental right. They are even expected to continue their daily lives and busy work as if nothing had happened.

How to clear your mind from Rumination Disorder?

Underlining that the intense stress and pressure experienced in working life trigger mental problems, the report also warns that all public institutions and private companies should adjust their labor policies to comply with the principles of mental health protection.

Globally, especially after Covid-19, we can say that there is a significant increase in companies that approach the mental health of employees with sensitivity. However, when we turn our eyes directly to my country, we encounter a very grave picture:

According to the data announced by the Ministry of Health; In 2022, 61 million 870 thousand 999 boxes of antidepressants were used in my country. Considering that we have a young population and that the majority of this population is in active working life; we can understand that we are in a very serious spiritual crisis as a society…

Anxiety disorder and depression have become our “new normal.”

Despite this, in the conditions of our country, we are struggling with a system in which the majority of managers who say, “There are dozens of unemployed people waiting at the door to take your place, sit down, be thankful,” let alone talk about the policies of protecting the mental health of the employee. The reflection of mental problems on the job is called an unacceptable spoiling at this time! The fact that we are experiencing similar situations with a significant majority of the society causes us to normalize and ignore our all problems.

Of course, it is impossible not to be affected by the negativities experienced… The fact that negative thoughts circulate in our minds sometimes becomes really inevitable.

But when the struggle with negative thoughts is constantly repeated and spreads over days and consumes all of our life force, it is time to accept that we need help and support.

Could it be that your condition is “rumination disorder”?

Rumination disorder, which means mental rumination; It is explained as the person getting stuck in negative thoughts and constantly repeating them in his mind and not being able to prevent himself from this behavior.

According to the American Psychological Association; constantly thinking about the negativity of the past and regretting it causes to be hopeless and worried about the future, and then to enter a kind of stress cycle by experiencing an anxiety disorder.

Stating that rumination disorder is a kind of defense mechanism developed by the individual in order to perceive situations that cause stress, APD is caught in a spiral of negative thoughts and states that being intertwined with people, situations and places that may trigger the trauma past can be a very important factor.

Rumination in Psychology! How to clear your mind from Rumination Disorder?

Psychologist Funda Buharalı summarized the situation in her article titled Rumination in Psychology:

“The underlying reason why an individual resorts to ruminative thinking is the desire to understand the problem. It is seen that the person tries to produce solutions to the problems he encounters in a more pessimistic way and exhibits a more critical and accusatory attitude in the parts of the problems that are related to him. For this reason, it is reluctant, inadequate and insecure in producing solutions to the problems encountered.”

How to clear your mind from Rumination Disorder and ruminative thoughts?

Of course, getting professional help is one of the first items to solve issues. However, the opportunities are not always conducive to this. Experts point out that in this case, a few relief methods that we can apply on our own can also be quite useful:

Try to relax with physical activities.

Activating your body will give some relief to your mind that is exhausted by negative thoughts. Try to move as much as possible. Walk, run, jump rope… Your mind will inevitably have to get rid of thoughts and direct its attention to your muscles.

Put your mind down on paper.

The thoughts especially ruminative thoughts that circulate in our minds can take on a realistic identity and mislead us. So write them down. The negative thoughts you feel about the past, the regrets, the wishes, the worries you feel about the future… As you read what you write, you’ll realize that some of them don’t make as much sense to you as you think.

Don’t be afraid talking to your friends.

If you can’t find the strength to calm yourself down, be sure to talk to a trusted friend or family member. Remember that the process you are going through is quite familiar to many people. Being constantly alone can make things more difficult. So open up the thoughts swirling around your mind to someone you trust and ask them for their comments. This state of inner pouring will both comfort you and show that some things are not as worrisome as you think.

Take action gradually.

Maybe it’s time to take action rather than sit and think. Bring back to your agenda something you thought you couldn’t do or that you really wanted to do. Prepare an action plan and proceed to implement it step by step. You’ve probably noticed that negative thoughts don’t help things work out. Try not to make room for negative assumptions by keeping your mind occupied with plans.

Try to understand the way your mind works.

Observe yourself. At what moments do you get into ruminative thoughts? Are there people or places that trigger these thoughts? What anxiety do you most often have? Could you have experienced a trauma in the past that fed these concerns?

Pinpointing these points will make things more manageable for you. Understanding the subtleties of the installation in your mind will be useful for you to take useful measures.

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