Deep Learning and AI | How They Transform the World

Deep Learning and AI, How They Transform the World? Although we are far from artificial intelligence applications that are still discussed in movies, artificial intelligence and deep learning have already become a part of our lives. Deep learning and artificial intelligence continue to change our approach in every field from cancer screenings to ad impressions in business. The skills of artificial intelligence applications such as ChatGPT and Google Bard to respond to any questions, prepare articles, and code generation (even if they are not yet at the desired level) have affected the whole society.

Deep Learning and AI, How They Transform the World?

Much of this recent interest in artificial intelligence stems from ChatGPT. This app mimics human speech and has reached a million users in just five days. Thanks to this, a wave has emerged that has led to significant investments in companies working in the field of artificial intelligence or focused on artificial intelligence. In fact, apps like ChatGPT are only a small part of the bigger picture.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the artificial intelligence trends and development that we think will have a big impact in 2023.

The Most Important AI Trends for 2023

1.Generative AI will continue to lead the way

Now that we’ve covered the limitations of ChatGPT, let’s get back to the good parts. Generative AI applications, such as ChatGPT, are a type of artificial intelligence designed to use data to create new content instead of just analyzing existing data. This category also includes digital art producers such as DALL-E.

They’re popular because they’re entering a field that has long been thought to be monopolized by humans: the production of creative content. These AI tools make it easier to produce such content and have the potential to theoretically eliminate entry-level copywriting and design positions.

DALL-E to create

As always, this is like a double-edged sword. While artificial intelligence is eliminating some positions, it is also creating tools to help eliminate some of the early-stage chores for businesses and creators. For example, an author can use ChatGPT to create a framework for an article instead of brainstorming from scratch, or DALL-E to create some examples that a designer client can choose from. These samples can then be used to determine the direction of the final product so maybe art work to be delivered.

The most important thing we should all pay attention to is that the GPT-4 version will be available. It will stand out as the next generation GPT version of OpenAI, which will likely focus on optimization improvements. We’re already starting to imagine what could be done much better with GPT-4. OpenAI has just made its announcement in this regard.

According to the statement, GPT-4 will beat GPT-3 as a large multi-mode model that performs at the human level in a variety of professional and academic criteria, although less capable than humans in many real-world scenarios. Meanwhile, the accuracy rate of up to 80 percent in Turkish is already impressive.

2. The use of Deep Learning will continue to expand

For us, one of the most interesting developments in the field of artificial intelligence last year is not only ChatGPT. The fact that Meta’s artificial intelligence Cicero outperformed 90 percent of people in a Web Diplomacy tournament was also a very interesting development. There are no random components in Web Diplomacy, a board game where players must actively negotiate with each other to gain the upper hand. To win, it is necessary to gain numerical superiority, and for this you usually need the support of another player.

Although Web Diplomacy is a difficult topic to overcome in terms of artificial intelligence (AI), Meta has achieved it. Artificial intelligence has historically been excellent in strategic games. But this was the first time an AI has understood open-ended negotiation and can compete with humans, which is actually a very difficult playing field.

As productive AI tools continue to evolve, we think we’ll see AI apps like Cicero increasingly used in games, business, and even negotiations.

3. Artificial intelligence ethics will become an important topic of discussion

While fears that AI will take our jobs away have been greatly exaggerated, there are greater concerns about how our data is used. For example, concerns have been raised that ChatGPT is built on data collected without the creators’ consent. There are also concerns that ChatGPT may not be able to comply with its responsibilities under the GDPR as there is no clear way to remove individual data from the general education model.

Bu durum, yapay zekayı bir kara kutu olarak değil, bir cam kutu olarak tasarlama kavramını ortaya çıkardı. Mevcut birçok yapay zeka çözümünde kullanıcılar, genellikle modelin karmaşıklığı nedeniyle bir yapay zeka modelinin sonuca nasıl ulaştığı konusunda hiçbir fikre sahip olmuyor.

Explainable Boosting Machine

Bu nedenle araştırmacılar, özellikle Microsoft tarafından geliştirilen Explainable Boosting Machine (EBM) modelini kullanarak kullanıcılara açıklanabilir (cam kutu) karmaşık bir yapay zeka oluşturma yöntemi üzerinde çalışıyorlar. EBM kullanılarak geliştirilen Slimmer AI testleri, modelin kara kutu modeliyle karşılaştırılabilir sonuçlar verdiğini ve aynı zamanda sonuca nasıl ulaştığını daha iyi açıkladığını ortaya koydu.

While it’s important to address potential ethical concerns and potential risks, even those that seem unlikely to happen, it’s important to remember that AI is definitely worth investigating more because it offers the opportunity to improve our lives and the world around us.

4. A future without cookies will make companies that use sophisticated Deep Learning techniques more valuable

A future without cookies and the role of Deep Learning in this future is something we have touched on before. With Google deprecating third-party cookies in 2024 and a shift towards privacy-first data processing, advertisers will lose access to most structured data sets. This will make many existing machine learning solutions even more useless in the very near future.

Deep Learning solutions like the one RTB House is already using will be better positioned to work with these very large unstructured datasets. This will enable advertisers to continue to reach consumers with relevant ads while at the same time protecting their privacy. Their team recognized the value of Deep Learning long ago, and in 2017 they became the first Demand Side Platform (DSP) to adopt Deep Learning in 100 percent of its advertising solutions. We’ve gained significant experience applying Deep Learning intelligently to advertising solutions, and they know how to help brands get the most out of it.

Why has artificial intelligence suddenly become popular?

Conversational AI applications help people dream because they are very good at looking like humans. ChatGPT took this to the next level thanks to its ability to propose functional code and highly persuasive articles or conversations. This, naturally, has led to the emergence of people who claim that artificial intelligence will replace humans, and to an increase in interest in the field in general.

While ChatGPT and other similar solutions are a huge leap forward in artificial intelligence, they are not yet “real intelligence.” ChatGPT is able to provide not bad code as it has access to the entirety of GitHub, so it’s actually doing what any inexperienced developer would do and leverage a resource.

He is able to write speeches, books and articles because he has access to a large database of talks, books and articles that he can benefit from. It can learn and produce very persuasive content, but it is not an artificial intelligence that can completely replace humans in complex tasks that require creativity. But it’s only a small part of a much bigger picture that encompasses innovations that will come up in the near future and bring about a lot of controversy.

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