Che Guevara Quotes! The hero of folks and enemy of boss

Che Guevara Quotes! The hero of folks and enemy of boss | The words of Che Guevara, one of the world’s best-known revolutionaries, are also well known to many. If you are looking for the most meaningful and concise quotes of che, here are the Che Gueavara lyrics, the beautiful, short and long just read and imagine…  

The memorable words of che guevara, the famous revolutionary man who came from the top of the list of unforgettables, the most meaningful Life Changer Che Guevara quotes;

Great Revolutionary che
Great Revolutionary che

Che Guevara Quotes!

Che Guevara talking like a lyrics for a revolution song!

The brotherhood of dogs is until bones are thrown between them.

Keep doing good things. Even if it’s not deserved you’re dealing with, you deserve it.

You know what the worst part is? Self-defeating and giving up.

Make choices in your life so that what you earn is worth what you lose.

Keep chating about me secretly! No problem because you dont have heart enough to show up…

Justice warrior Che
Justice warrior Che

Freedom and die while stand

My shoes have had allways hole underneath; but it was always painted on and shiny…

I have two things: freedom and death. If I can’t have one, I want the other, because no one can make me prisoner.

Be realistic, ask for the impossible…

Most of them will call me adventurous, yes I am. But of a different kind… The kind that jeopardizes your hide to affirm your beliefs.

Don’t let death fool you. Think of the living. Lift your forehead without fear. Whose side are you with and where are you? And what’s your only weapon in your most desperate moment?

Che Guevara Quotes! l was Ernesto!

Maybe nothing went right, but nothing got me out of my way!

Most importantly, your ability to maintain your ability, to feel that every injustice, wherever it is in the world, has been done against you. This is the most important feature of a revolutionary.

I was Ernesto, only Ernesto, and you only exist as one thing. I wanted to be Che myself, if you believe you can do also.

Che Guevara quotes smiling
Che Guevara quotes smiling

God bless me from my friends. I can defeat my enemies on my own…

A revolutionary is the one who feels the slap thrown at another on his own face…

If you have the desire enough to go after your dreams. They can come true…

You lose when you give up

Don’t be afraid to lose; You have to lose things to win something. Dont forget, you really lose when you give up.

Wherever and how death comes from. If our war slogans are going to spread from ear to ear and our weapons are going to be handed over, and others are going to lament our funerals with their mytralyous voices, the cry of war and victory, death has been welcomed and sidelined.

To do something, you have to love it very much. To love something, you have to believe in it madly.

Wherever he is in the world, I doubt the humanity of the person who doesn’t feel the slap that’s been unfairly thrown in someone’s face.

A lover is not one who makes you fall in love with his beauty, but that gives you the chance to be yourself…

Che Guevara Quotes! I’d rather die on my feet than live on my knees!

It’s the easiest thing to lose, it’s about trying to win. Instead of being a prisoner without a fight, you should die while fighting.

No matter how different it is; Don’t deign what’s not yours, and never give up what’s yours, no matter how simple.

As long as one acts alone, even the desire to dedicate his whole life to the greatest ideal will do nothing…

I want to die on my feet while standing not live on my knees…

The hero of folks
The hero of folks

The Great Che Guevara words

If you dont have something to keep, you dont have nothing to be afraid of…

The only battle you lose is when you stop fighting for it.

Che Guevara Quotes! Rain is communist

Rain is communist; Because it rains equally on everyone. The wind is capitalist, destroying the weak.

You can kill a flower, but you can’t kill spring.

Stand up, straight and smile. Let them suprise why you smile…

I didn’t laugh at the poor, I didn’t aspire to wealth, I didn’t love fascists, I didn’t beat the oppressed, I was born a revolutionary, I’m going to die a revolutionary.

Che Guevara Quotes! If you don’t have an enemy!

Prosecutor: What were you doing in El Salvador? Che: I was tanning my skin. Prosecutor: So why did you blow up the building? Che: It was turning off my sun.

Che Guevara quotes!
Che Guevara quotes!

Journalist Lisa Howard: What is the most important trait a revolutionary has? During the interview, She asks. Che replies: LOVE.

That response must have been a surprise, young woman, that she did repeat it. Love?

Che continued: The love of humanity, the love of truth and justice. If he doesn’t carry them, he’s not a true revolutionary in his self.

If you don’t have an enemy, you’ve never succeeded in life…

When I feed hungry people, they call me a hero. And when I quetioned them why they were hungry. Suprisely They call me a communist.

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