Chat GPT and Learning Revolution | Education 4.0 is Required

Chat GPT and Learning Revolution is in our life! Revolutionizing Learning with ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a disruptive technology? In all the futuristic books, flying cars, servant robots were foreseen. However, it was perhaps not foreseen that an artificial intelligence would change business and social life so much. Since the 19th century, there has been an education system that has survived, although its invalidity and ineffectiveness have been proven many times. However, with ChatGPT, we are heading towards complete collapse and deletion. The definition of Education 4.0 now has to be fully applied to work and school life.

Chat GPT and Learning Revolution! Education 4.0 is Required!

Let’s try to explain how this artificial intelligence will contribute to our digital transformation efforts and how we use this technology.

We usually start our consultancy to institutions from the very basics, the Training Needs Analysis. With this analysis method, we view the problems at the level of the organization, determine the direction to be taken with digital transformation together and obtain an inclusive approach. While doing this, we build a holistic learning management system by including the goals and motivations of the learners – lifelong learners. For an effective training needs analysis process, the objectives of the system and the intended results need to be clarified and defined in appropriate terms.

If there are performance targets, they are added to the system and the analysis is tried to be framed. In the holistic consideration of the learning management system, the logic of these performance objectives is followed and the contributions of the obtained learning management systems to the solutions and each process, application, project, people and institutions that will be affected by this should be included.

Personal Learning Management and Education 4.0

In these comprehensive analyses, business processes, organizational charts, job descriptions, performance metrics, geographical distributions, corporate values and competencies, and technologies supported in performing tasks should be clearly defined or a new look at previous studies should be re-examined. An organizational needs analysis for corporate transformation should be carried out based on a diversity and inclusion perspective, involving all stakeholders in the process.

These comprehensive studies should be carried out by taking into account the experience in adult learning, setting up different experiential lifelong learning environments such as different workshops, occasional surveys, agile meetings that give freedom to brainstorming, focus group studies.

New level with ChatGPT! Chat GPT and Learning Revolution

However, our consultancy on personal learning management systems, which we define as Personal Learning Management, is quite different from corporate training needs analysis. While human resources or learning development professionals often see them as the same thing, their starting point and consulting process are different in context and method, and now they are moving to a whole new level with ChatGPT.

A learner analysis (here we are talking about individuals who are not in a learner-teacher relationship, but take responsibility for their own learning) should focus on two things.

The first is what problem the learner will solve, and the second is the ability to handle this problem and its solution with a realistic view.

Learner analysis System and Steps

Steps For a learner analysis,

Step One: Identify resources. For example; We do massive online open course (MOOC) Analysis.

Second Step: Simplifies/simplifies; We determine a Special Method. For example; We use mindmapping, infograhipcs and diagrams.

As a Third Step, we explore together what Alternative Learning Pathways are. For example; We determine whether people learn better by listening to podcasts, watching videos, or experimenting in projects.

Step Four: We create a Personal Tracking System and usually actively use digital platforms.

As the fifth and final step, we motivate people to Post/Share. Because the best learning happens when you tell another person. We continue our companionship consultancy to increase sharing skills on digital platforms such as Linkedin, Medium and Podcast.

Chatting with ChatGPT! Chat GPT and Learning Revolution

As you can see, there is a long-term, planned, support-centered process to bring a personal learning process to life. That’s where disruptive technology comes in. An individual can get these supports from ChatGPT in a completely chat environment, turn all the resources into a roadmap, find out what the problems they need to solve are by chatting with ChatGPT.

In this sense, this artificial intelligence, which falls right into the middle of our education system, can help guide learner expectations and preferences, and can also learn the needs and expectations of learners, customizing the content, context and method of education to be effective. It can clarify the goals of a learning solution or what exactly they need to achieve. It can help learners recognise their interests and roles in the learning process.

This in-depth analysis must be included in the training needs analysis of institutions in digital transformation. You should hire this AI as an employee, a learning and development professional. With this artificial intelligence, which will be your new employee, you can maximize the learning needs analysis and improve the learning management systems you will build in your institution in various ways.

Education 4.0 and training with Chat GPT!

When all of this combines, the learner increases his or her engagement, realizing what he or she needs to do at work and how this relates to organizational goals. When you clearly define the relationship between your employees’ training and performance goals, employees are more likely to apply what they’ve learned on the job, and you’ll all find a way out of the disruptive effects of transformation.

In addition, with this triple elixir, you improve your ability to analyze data correctly, facilitating improved return on investment. You develop learning solutions instead of training, maximizing the efforts applied.

Of course, we have a lot of time ahead of us for these. We have been trying to explain, write and share that Education 4.0 is the cornerstone of digital transformation since 2019, that is, since before Covid. At that time we were saying that the established structures have collapsed, long live unlimited learning!

Now we say that we desperately need to forget all we know, and welcome to start over! What quick change unbelievable!

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