Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Discrimination

Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Discrimination? What AI can do? Artificial intelligence has long been a big part of our lives. In fact, we have come to a point where we may not even realize that artificial intelligence is helping us. Because artificial intelligence is taking part in many different areas of our daily lives, such as our homes, smartphones, applications and virtual assistants on websites.

Although much has been written about what artificial intelligence is, I think it is useful to convey my own point of view. Artificial intelligence offers us a similar version of human intelligence for tasks normally performed with human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech comprehension and decision making.

Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Discrimination?

AI, which stands out especially in processing speed, can easily process large volumes of data, identify patterns, and leverage data to optimize and improve its performance. It is these important features that make it possible to automate repetitive tasks that were already very slow and boring.

On the other hand, artificial intelligence can also contain some patterns such as the prejudices of those who designed the system for its methods similar to human intelligence. The past is a very limited demographic group members, every step must be taken to ensure that artificial intelligence is unbiased so that the mistakes made with the systems users designed are not repeated.

Distinguishing in technical employment recruitment and thus enabling AI will ensure that the information provided is inclusive and help serve a disruptive global audience that provides greater access to consumers with big implications for all.

Technologies like deepfake!

ChatGPT, which almost everyone talks about and uses, can create a lot of that excitement with just text. What if artificial intelligence is used in a field such as natural image processing and hackers use this technology to gain access to more than one system? More importantly, what if this technology treats everyone equally by ensuring that it does not discriminate in any way, while stopping scammers who improve their methods using technologies like deepfake?

To answer many such questions, as an identity verification and anti-fraud company, we have developed our own solution to eliminate the danger of artificial intelligence-powered fraud. Technology can be thought of as a double-edged sword. It makes our lives easier and fundamentally changes the way we live, work and play.

On the other hand, it also provides an opportunity for malicious actors to develop. That’s why it’s so important for every organization to choose solutions that use the most advanced technologies with built-in Zero Bias™ in order to successfully distinguish between real users and scammers who often use fake identities and information.

Biometric and Document verification technologies

Ensuring that biometric and document verification technologies provide the same superior experience to every user, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender, identity, age, national origin or disability, is critical to protecting and empowering modern businesses.

We believe that when barriers to exclusion are removed, digital identity systems can enable as many people as possible, regardless of background or ethnicity, to access products and services that improve their lives. It’s time to refocus on making inclusivity a reality, to prepare for a future where more people will use identity solutions to unlock myriad possibilities such as ‘unlocking their car with their face’.


Our software, which can detect the vibrancy of the face, has recently received certification accreditation for non-bias by the independent biometric testing laboratory BixeLab. Following a thorough bias test, we have taken steps in the field of natural vision processing (NVP) to prove that we can provide digital identity verification services without age- and gender-based biases.

Can Artificial Intelligence Prevent Discrimination? Preventing malicious people!

Our study, Identity Stories: The Truths About Identity and Inclusion, was conducted with male and female candidates aged 18-70 from eight ethnic groups. The results prove that our solutions have a demographic bias and error rating of 0 percent.

I believe we are on the cusp of a wave of technological innovation and acceleration powered by artificial intelligence. This exciting technology, like many innovations before it, will fundamentally change our world. But in the meantime, we need to pay attention to regulations and remember that we are struggling to help protect society while preventing malicious people from exploiting vulnerabilities for personal gain.

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