Albert Camus Qoutes!

Albert Camus Qoutes | Albert Camus (November 7, 1913 – January 4, 1960) is a French writer and philosopher. He was interested in existentialism and is recognized as one of the forerunners of the stream of absurdism. But since Camus does not see himself as the philosopher of any movement, he does not define himself as an “existentialist” or “absurdist”. By winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1957, he became the youngest writer to win this award after Rudyard Kipling. He died in a traffic accident 3 years after receiving the award. So what did Albert said before he died? Albert Camus art and quotes…

What Camus Said?
What Camus Said?

Albert Camus Quotes…

  • Either you live and die with time, or you get out of time for the sake of a sublime life.
  • Happiness is the biggest victory over the fate that compels us.
  • If a person has money, he does not have to work. So he buys the time. In this remaining time, he does things that can make himself happy. So money buys happiness.

Albert Camus; Human means meaning!

  • The world has no meaning other than man. If we want to save our understanding of life, we have to save the human.
  • Revolving aside his honor, he will betray the sources dominated by this emotion.

  • Everything that goes away is humor, everything that stays and waits is poetry.
  • Who taught you all this, “Doctor?” The answer came instantly. “Suffering.”
  • The ideal system for people is the system in which they are happy.

Camus photo!
Camus photo!

Endless Nights,

  • The real despair is strife, grave and cliff.
  • There is no endless night.
  • If a boss cannot do without his slaves, which of the two is a free person.

Voltaire said what?

  • I can bear everything, as long as I hear that intense and exuberant isolation inside me.
  • It is embarrassing for a person to be happy alone.
  • When mercy is useless, one gets tired of it.
  • When I realized that I could not leave my time, I decided to merge with it.

Albert Camus Portrait!
Albert Camus Portrait!

Fear of death,

  • There is no freedom for man, unless he overcomes the fear of death. But not by suicide. To overcome this fear, one should not let go of himself. It should be able to die without any hurt and fear.
  • Our twentieth century is the age of fear. You will say that fear is not a science, but science has a share in this fear.

Montaigne Quotes!

Camus Talks,

  • Freedom is not the hope of the future. It is now and compatible with humans and the current world.
  • My mom died today, or yesterday, I don’t remember exactly.
  • If there was no god, would a person be a saint; this is the only sincere problem I know today.

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