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l love google! Why We Love Google?

l love google! Why We Love Google | Google is really the most practical, cute, fastest and search engine software of the century, which provides you with many conveniences and extensive possibilities besides searching. That’s why l love google. Apart from these, I hope that Google will have other permanent and more useful gifts to humanity, science and art!

l love Google,

And now, with some programs, you will be able to find what you are looking for even easier in google searches.

Multi Links (Firefox): After installing and activating the plugin, all you have to do is select the addresses listed below in your google searches by holding down the right mouse button. You can choose and leave as many as you want.

Open all your searches on Google as tabs. If there are addresses that you find important and miss in searches, or if you are tired of doing it back and forth, or if you have lost your mind in the previous link, these add-ons are for you.

l love google! Don’t get bogged down in searches.

And so, if you want to reach only the first five search results at the same time without missing any search results, Multi Links will open these results in separate tabs for you.


LinkClump(Chrome): It has the same features as the Multi Links plugin. It can also be opened by clicking or dragging. You can also filter words.

Click to download LinkClump Plugin.

And so you can save time and practicality in your Google searches.

l love google Türkiye
l love google

Why We Love Google? Numbers say!

Among these platforms, Google’s search engine in particular is the most popular service for men and women of all ages. According to StatCounter, Google is overwhelming at a whopping 92.2 percent of the global market share of search engines (as of July 2020).

For example in Japan, Google has a 76.4% share, but yahoo ranks second. (18.6%) of search services have been using Google’s engine since 2010, bringing that together to 95.0%.

Nearly 30 years have passed since the Internet became popular, but Google was not the dominant search engine from the beginning. According to The Internet White Paper 2001, google had the top search engine usage rate (multiple responses) at 61.6% of Yahoo!’s in 2000, followed by goo (31.9%), Infoseek (18.0%), and LYCOS (13.5%), withOnly 4.9%.

What was the reason?

About 20 years ago, it was common for one person to use multiple search engines and in a sense a healthy competitive environment was formed. Google then grew its market share rapidly in the early 2000s and passed other search engines and became number one.

What on earth was the factor? We should like to consider its short history, going back to the very beginning of Google’s launch. The start up as a Brand and to proceed is the most important issue!

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